Thursday, January 20, 2011

artistic endeavors: for mrs. h.

yeah, i started this canvas at night, a couple days before anna and i went down south for a weekend in september.
september 14
i was going for a slate blue, but it needed to be more pale.
after some of this with dear heather and anna (steph was working)
therefore, after a lovely time at starbucks, i headed home to try out a different shade of grey-blue....
...i liked how it turned out when i put on a coat of a lighter variation.
this one was for jen/pj's mom. :)
i have to say, it is quite lovely to see your art hanging on someone's wall other than your own. the color's went with the sweet blue they painted their office.
the verse jen sneak-asked; one of mrs. h.'s favorites. :)

tomorrow i've got a recipe to post...
the day after that i'll work on catching up with canvases again. :]
now i need to think of what to make for dinner....


Natalie said...

Awesome painting! Very down to earth! MMM! Starbucks!

*Lizzie* said...

The painting is awesome! Psalm 9:10 is one of my favorite Bible verses! :)

A Servant for Christ,

Anonymous said...

Aw how fun! I love the color!

charla beth :) said...

i adore that painting!