Friday, January 7, 2011

soups and lists.... ♥

hot ginger peach tea...
honey-lemon-echinacea cough drops...yes, i'm getting over a sort of cough. more of a phlegm-tickle-induced cough. blech.
anna's making peasant soup for this random soup get-together someone's hosting at the library tomorrow. lots of people, hopefully, and lots of soup....testing...judging....should be wonderfee:)
and lists!!

in the making: a list of books i need to read....
have you made any lists??


danielle @ take heart said...

girl! thanks for all your comments! so happy you have found me so i can follow along with you now :)

and seriously! dear john was such a flop.

Christina said...

Yep I make lists and rarely do everything on them! :P