Sunday, January 23, 2011

artistic endeavors: tolkien.

so on this fine, fine day in september--the 24th, to be exact-- i was making coffee.
it was cold coffee, probably saved leftover stuff from the morning brew... perfect afternoon pick-me-up in the late summer. ;)
mmmm. who doesn't like seeing the white stuff they pour into their milk curl around blend into a beautiful shade of caramel?
hmm. i was doing dishes that day, i guess??
i kinda like the different textures here.
obviously, i started this day out really right.
this was after midnight on the 24th. ;)
apples and cheese? amazing!
really. medium sharp cheddar.
i believe those were granny smiths.....
oh my. now i'm craving that.
this is torture.
it's been around 0 degrees or below lately..... boohoo.
okay. we'll just get to the painting.
i think it speaks for itself.
but i can't tell you how many times lyd has asked me, "beka, what does that mean exactly??"
"well," i tell her, "if you don't get it, you don't get it. the older you get, the more you'll get it."
yeah, i really do tell her that.
for nearly everything she can't understand. heh.

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