Monday, January 10, 2011

a bit o' randomness and predictability.

i did about 3 days (of the 8th week) of the john Bible study today... with coffee, of course. first mug: w/milk. second mug: black.
i was getting tired of the phlegm it was giving me even in only small amounts. :\
i wore these awesome wing earrings today. heather gave them to me for Christmas.... along with that divine coffee.
okay, i gotta stop writing about such predictable things......
pretty things, coffee things....
mi dispiace.
(i'm sorry, in italian)
so this is random, but when we were down south for jen's wedding, pj and me went shopping one day. this one store, romancing the stone, was full of all sorts of oriental stuff. some of it was pretty cool... ^^ like those little crabs.
and these masks we tried on:) hah, so mysterious.
pj, picking up a crab. these pics were taken with her cell phone. 
so today, around 2:30, anna and i went to gram's house. we turned on some yoga by denise austin.......big mistake. i forgot how much i strongly disliked denise. she's a crackhead!! and her voice. and her perkiness. and her ways of do-everything-too-fast. didn't help that we lost the remote for the dvd player, and we couldn't select the relaxing yoga option. it went straight to the power yoga or whatever it was called.
we moaned for some of it, yelled at her for some of it, and pushed through the moves.
all the while i remembered the lovely british lady at the local yoga place....for $12 tonight at 5:30....
i quit after probably 15 minutes.....yeah....i quit.
and i came home and made me some of this.

caleb and me.
i've mentioned before how much i love brothers, right? yeah. like last week....haha.
yeah, some days i feel like i could and have started a food journal.
funny stuff.
methinks i need to post a canvas on here soon....i've got like 10 to catch up on....
now that i think of it, this was a tiny bit like those manic mondays i've seen some bloggers post on mondays.....
so anna says this last hair dye is turning more red every day.
who knew.
well, on top of the darker brown that was before this, yeah it's got a reddish tint. on top of my normal dirty blond, i'm sure i'd be about as strawberry blond/brown as my brother, ben. not sure i'd go for that. i like being dark better. heheh. so.......this weekend i'll probably be dark again. oh, hush. this lady made me feel almost normal with the stories of her hair dying stunts!! hahah:) i love you, bethany:)
yep, it snowed again the other day.... er, night. it was so pretty coming down.
but i'm about ready for spring........almost ready. yeah. nearly there.
not that what i feel matters!!
randomly, i found this random site the other day. quite random. hahahha.
no, really. random.
...well, one good thing is i finally wrote my book list! i shall post it sometime on here... :)
also--i cut rachel's hair with this technique..... it turned out really cute! just a trim, basically, nothing drastic because she's growing it out...but it turned out some nice layers. 

The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it.  
[James Bryce ]


Anonymous said...

heyeyey!just droppin' by. :)
i love that song. :)

Bethany said...

Haha... glad I can make you feel normal. :) Those masks are AWESOME, by the way; I would have been super tempted to buy one to hang on our wall... maybe far enough away from the Venetian mask already hanging in our entryway that it doesn't get jealous. Or maybe I would have bought it just to wear. :)