Sunday, January 16, 2011

wordless sunday: juice.

this morning the cell phone i use as an alarm...well, it was dinging its dying tones.
at 5:20.
my alarm goes off at 7 on sunday mornings. not 5.
so i got up.
and i've been up since then.
nothing too short of a miracle for me. i'm brewing only the second pot of an "eyeopener blend"-- a lovely french roast that was on sale. haven't drank coffee since around 6:30am...doing pretty good. when siblings were yawning, i took the liberty to good-naturedly scold them. ;) i was hyper around 8, when ben woke up. he wondered how i was so awake.
i made this awesome juice this morning, around 7:30. carrots, apples, celery, lemon...
a quart of it.
i drank half, and anna doesn't like carrots in her juice so someone else drank the other half later.
if we want to go into this as a food journal sort of post, i ate 2 eggs with salsa in a toasted tortilla, not 10 minutes after drinking half a quart of juice.
only juice for breakfast=in an hour you'll be starving.
this is my hair! i'm "chocolate" as one dear put it. :)


Lauren said...

You are sush a fun blogger to follow.. your stories.. lol and your hair.. my oh my! Tis dark chocolate indeed ;)

Christina said...

I like your hair! :)

the girl said...

I need a juicer.
More pics of the dark hair!

ladaisi said...

I like food journals if they aren't meant for dieting purposes. In those I tend to lie.

- Lauren

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