Monday, January 17, 2011

an english toffee latte and friends:)

me, steph, heath, anna.....
last night at gram's house...all to ourselves.
angle shot of my henna....i did it freehand; a design i made up a month ago while doodling.
i've kept it alive by re-inking it with pen.
while they watched Salt, i did henna designs on their hands, and heather's right shoulder blade. pretty intricate indian-flower-looking thing. :)
. . . because that's our version of a pretty awesome get-together night/morning: brewing coffee after 8pm (gasp!), lots of conversations of all sorts, a few good movies, munchies and reese's peanut butter cups, and lots of tea too. if you get to bed before the sun's rising, kudos to you. ;) just kidding!!
this morning we got up late but before noon, the snow was falling softly and quite pretty but over time got worse and worse, and we went to the coffee shop in town before saying talk-to-ya-soon.

i don't normally do lattes, but i got one with a shot of english toffee in it. and whipped cream on top.
oh. my.
it was wonderful. and the huge almond-raspberry scone that we split 4 ways. soo yummy.
no pictures of course, because i need to get a new camera....
so, any thoughts on lattes, mochas, and cameras?
which types or brands do you go for?? and why?
i'm heading off to bed--so tired at 9:51. ahhh. very tired.
night! :)


Mrs. Bement said...

Love the henna designs!
And we really enjoyed Salt, did you?

the girl said...

Yep. Sounds like a pretty awesome night. Cant't go wrong with toffee flavor and whipped cream!

charla beth :) said...

awww sounds like a wonderful evening :)

Christina said...

A fun sounding night! I put Salt in our netflix queue recently, did you like it?

I don't have a very good camera so I am not helpful in that dept. At home I drink plain coffee but I love lattes and get one at least once a week at Starbucks. :P

Natalie said...

Awesome Henna designs! Gotta love those girl get togethers!