Saturday, January 22, 2011

little girls, sun sparkles, and lemon bars.

once upon a time, a little girl was rearranging the magnetic words on the fridge.
she didn't like the camera too much; turned around and walked on her heel after the first photo was taken.
what? i just like the cold window. 
can you tell me why you're taking pictures of me when i just told you no-no-no
mmm, yes. fresh coffee and a lemon bar made by miss sarah. lovely:)
yeah, sorry about this. ;)
also, sorry for the view of need-to-be-cleaned windows, but really? the sky was pretty clear, the sun was out, and the breeze was blowing snowflakes around. those snowflakes sparkled. i was trying to capture that without stepping outside in the 12-degree-cold weather. well, it's better than yesterday--which was 0. yeah. freakin' 0. :\
nasty fact for the day: this is the second day in a row....i'm pretty sure i pulled a muscle by my right front rib cage. yowzers. it hurts to cough. and oh boy, do i cough throughout the day. still getting rid of this cough thing; tea should be prescribed for later, and more vitamin stuff.
good thing is: i feel absolutely fine. good, even. coughing once every 10 minutes or so isn't that bad. no stuffy nose, no headache, no sore throat, thank God.
there! i'm not trying to be a stalker and photograph our neighbor's siding that needs to be replaced with something not wood, but if you click on the picture, it'll get big and you can see the sparkles of the snow. really. :) it's the sharp-white dots. heheh.
justin, sarah, and eliyah came over today for lunch. after house hunting in town with a realtor. :) they've lived more than an hour away for the past few years, so this is kind of exciting. plus the fact that they might need help fixing up/painting inside. :) :)
:) tired cutie.
wow. so tired. 
i have an awesome apron, yes? rachel surprise me with it for christmas. it's from etsy. :)
well, i'm off to watch the last half of the bbc emma. :) strange fact: the other day, while us girls curled up on the couch and la-z-boy chairs watching the first half, at one point lyd said emma's (romala garai) smile is much like mine. that is, when i'm smiling for real. when i'm happy.
ooookay, lyd. whatever you say.

i'm about to start chapter 4 of crazy love, by francis chan, and it's wonderful! definitely recommend it. plus, there's a blog anna found that helps you discuss the book, chapter by chapter. pretty awesome.
i'm thinking of the next canvas to paint. i already have one primed.
with hot coffee in a thermos, i bid you adieu. ;)
i hope you have a lovely saturday afternoon.
remember the small, good things in life. have gratitude for them.


Anonymous said...

oh, cute little girl :)
and i so love your apron too!

ladaisi said...

She is adorable! I used to take dozens of photos of my baby sister when she was that age. . . now she's ten. . . and I have a kid of my own.