Friday, January 14, 2011

i need a dozen coupons. if that would help. :P

i fell in love today.
well, i saw these two certain dresses while flipping through the not on sale racks at maurice's.
a blue one.
the greatest thing about these dresses was that the straps were wide enough and placed so perfectly that a problem with bra straps was nonexistent. :) :) :)
a red one.
i hope you can see that it's a red.
a very very beautiful red:)
a siren red, really...
of course, i took a picture with a cell phone --how classy?!-- but of course the dang thing doesn't have enough memory available to send it to anything. so i must find the card reader thingy somewhere in this house and stick the cell phone's micro card in it......and upload it.
when we got in the van without my lovely finds, did i mention that they were 44 each? i'm not dropping that much right now!! not on anything!!  
anna said, "yeah, beka, and the thing is, where are you gonna wear them? i mean, if we really were back in the 40's, you would go club-hopping or something and you'd definitely wear them then..."
we laughed.
ohhhh, if only.
and maybe with these for a funky winter look....
or these, for a less flashy look.....

or these, the ones the site actually recommends for the outfit. ;)
oh my.
so......we're hoping for a coupon to come in the mail sometime, for that lovely place......
today i dyed my hair, i'm back to dark.
quite dark, infact.
i got 10 cents off my drink at caribou because i answered the question up on the board: the name of audrey hepburn's character in breakfast at tiffany's.
holly golighty, of course.
i haven't seen the movie, just have friends who love it so i've heard enough about it.... ;)
so mom's calling me beka godarkly.
because my hair is so dark.
thanks. a bunch.
anyhow, the red dress was my favorite, and since i just happened to be wearing a single strand of pearls that i got at Christmastime, the outfit was smashing, but for my lack in the heels department. i was wearing valentine socks. hehehe.

last random fact for the day (er...only random fact of the day?):
i made cornbread this afternoon. i shall post the recipe with the few pictures soon.
:) g'night! i have a heck of a kitchen to clean. :\

Cooking is like love; it should be entered into with abandon or not at all.
[Julia Child]


jessicajane said...

love the blue one, but the keyhole in the red one is nice!

Natalie said...

Love the red dress! Came across your blog, and then I saw all the recent chocolate recipes, and I was, like, OH. MY. They look so yummy! Enjoying your blog tremendously!

Bethany said...

That red one IS smashing! Actually, the blue one is too. You find some amazing clothes!

Anonymous said...

I'm really diggin that red dress.. (although it looks awfully pink in the pic) ;-) And those sparkly heels!! That would be such a cute outfit!

Anonymous said...

I can't wear high heels. Just can't do it. I walk too much, and I need flats or good walking shoes for that. Also, I've tried going out at bars with heels, baaaaad idea. it just sucks.
So all the power to you girl. You buy those heels and you rock 'em, because I sure can't.

Sara said...

Oh those are both gorgeous!

And if there was ever such a thing as jinxing on blogs (you know - like when you were in jr high and said the same thing at the same time), I jinxed you at "Holly Golightly, of course." But then again, I'm a huge Audrey fan, so that's not a surprise. Breakfast at Tiffany's isn't my favorite of her films, but it's probably the most well known.