Monday, January 31, 2011

oldies and red velvet. otherwise known as l.o.v.e. ;)

what i really want right now [no matter that it's 9:39pm] is to play all my versions of dream a little dream of me loud on my laptop speakers, perhaps to the 90, and start making a batch of red velvet cupcakes.
in a superbly clean kitchen.
fact is, i will be shutting my laptop down around 10:30, and heading for bed.
and right now, caleb is cleaning the kitchen; or rather, washing dishes and putting them away noisily while music plays in his earbuds. most likely disciple's newest album on his ipod.
you know what, this song is also playing during one of my favorite parts in leap year.....heh;) i just remembered that.

today i have been literally bombarded with red velvet cupcakes.
i'm starting to take it as a sign i need to make them. soon.
1. i forgot who, but i saw a link for annie eats' recipe post of the lovelies.
2. natalie shared a let's dish link for the lovely things.
3. and then another blogger lady, our transatlantic love, posted about the lovely stuff in her latest post.
4. in my blogger dashboard, give a girl a cookie had posted lovely yummies too!! ---methinks i'm going to use her recipe:)

so you see there.
torture, i say. torture.
and i have yet to make that cinnamon bread from take heart!
i know. blast it. bad me.
i'm going to, and asap. i promise.
random wonderful news: tonight i started craving coffee. as in, for more than the customary 2 seconds. i was even imagining pouring a bit of milk into it....and sipping hot, dark roast, mahogany by caribou....oh my. but it was after 7, so i wasn't about to brew it and lose sleep tonight when i need to get rest. to get fully better.
but. it's good news. ;)
who knows? maybe i'll be brewing some tomorrow.
oh! and heather's church sells i bought a 1lb bag of a lovely dark roast that she get for me there. gosh, she's just my awesome little coffee resource. i never go grocery shopping, so i never get to the coffee aisle, and when i go to a coffee shop most times i don't have 10-14 dollars in my pocket for a good, large bag of whole bean. she's pretty irreplaceable. and i'm working on putting her and dear steph into my 'the peoples' page. darnit, but it's still under construction, so i'm so sorry if any of you've clicked on it and it's faulty right now!!
{can't wait to post this new recipe anna tried tonight!! 
inspired by our visit to noodles & co. yummers. mhmm}
i really love doris day's version of dream a little dream of me.
and i really can't believe i'm blogging for the second night in a row.
this is another sure sign i'm getting better.
more inspiration and no fog of sickness. ;) good things!!

over tonight until wednesday, we're supposed to get between 8-12 inches of snow. not as bad a forecast as some have, but still. that's quite a bit of snow. and i stay inside 90% of the time, so it doesn't really affect me. but the boys are loving it, because they do several neighbor's driveways, etc. business, ya know. this is white gold falling from the sky. ;)

okay, so i love these earrings. and the single strand of pearls.

and i really like the shade it's faded to since the 16th when i dyed it. it's not such a black-brown. :) a bit more natural.......i love it. :)
i took this last night on my webcam; that's why the bad quality, but still. it was my first night feeling pretty well, and i happened to have a bit of makeup on and jewelry on since it was sunday and anna and i went to meet heather and steph at starbucks in the afternoon for a while.
that was such a run-on sentence.
"you're stuck on the old-fashioned, aren't you, beka?" lyd smiles and asks me this, once she complained about my playing dream a little dream of me on repeat. so i clicked on doris' name in my media player and her song singin' in the rain started playing. :)
stuck on the oldies.

.....ooooh, now it's on by the light of the silvery moon. what a love-dove song. heh. :)
a personal favorite is cheek by cheek. doris day does it really well, but ...frank sinatra's version? oh yes:)


FreeFlying said...

I am seeing red velvet cupcakes everywhere! And now I want them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's problematic.

Marisa Hopkins said...

Love your earrings, love your necklace... LOOOOOOVE those cupcakes!!

Natalie said...

All I can say is YUM! Everybody I know is in red velvet cake mode! It seems like red velvet has made a comeback in recent years, because I hardly ever saw anybody making it until the past couple of years. Love the song "Dream a Little Dream of Me!" Made me smile when I heard it. Love the single strand of pearls look too!

Seizing My Day said...

I like chocolate cup cakes... red ones scare me.... ha ha... I love peanut sauce ... sounds like a yummy recipe!! now I am eating just water after 9 pm... ;)

Tarah said...

cute blog.
those look really good!