Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ambitions. [what i want to do in the next week.]

there should be things to talk about, right?
people should make interesting things happen even if they're not going outside much these days.
that way they can blog about i aspire to do:)
well, i have some ambitions for the next week or so.
i want to make this cinnamon bread posted by the darling danielle. i want to make it asap, peoples.
i want to find an awesome recipe that never fails, and make some sort of awesome monster cookies. --any suggestions/favorites??
i get rid of this cough, once and for all.
i want my side/ribs to heal up from that pulled muscle i woke up with last friday. which, reminds me--earlier, i remembered that thursday night while anna and rach did yoga with jillian michael's dvd, my back was out of whack that day so i did some bicycle sit-ups. ummm....when i do those, once i get going, there comes a point where i suddenly seem to hit a wall and run out of everything needed. oxygen, muscles, energy, brainpower. el-oh-el. but really. so...that happened that night, and i'm wondering if that's part of the cause---besides all the coughing, of course. :\

tomorrow i'm going to make a huge batch of that broccoli potato hot dish with french-fried-onions on top; enough to make two pans. (two different meals taken care of right there, yippee.)
i haven't taken pictures in days. days and days. since the 22nd. that's crazy. weird. strange. not good.

anyways, i need to get off here and find a huge mug to make some green tea in. and i need to take some more potions for this cough. (hahahacoughcoughahaha)
interesting news: i had my first cup of coffee today. first cup since around lunchtime on sunday, working in the kitchen at church pulling espresso shots. fun stuff.
so i used a bit of almond milk in my coffee today, aye? because i wasn't in the mood for straight up black. another interesting fact is, the reason why i didn't use regular milk --cow's milk-- in my coffee is this: i'd be hacking up crap not long after. dairy gives me phlegm and aggravates the sickness when i'm under the weather. ugh, right? yeah. 
 aww, look! it's from april 2010... actually, there's a post that goes with this. interesting stuff. ;)
....alrighty. i'm off to get some tea. hopefully there's water in the teakettle.


danielle @ take heart said...

love your list, sweet friend!

the cinnamon bread won't let you down ;)

charla beth :) said...

this is a great list! you are really cute :)

Anonymous said...

how did the bread turn out? i'm so making it too!