Tuesday, January 11, 2011

my book list....

so i'm sitting here, reading a few other blogs, catching up on some fb stuff, writing messages...
and when i came back to this post waiting to be written, i thought, gosh, i'm sooo drawing a blank! how wrong is that?
and then i remembered.
i glanced at the title and it all came back to me.
no work, really, to be put into this post.
today there was the mom's Bible study, and i read the last half of a smallish book that ended abruptly.
read the majority of lovely stuff bloggers that posted today....
then, later, i read about 40-50 pages of a different non-fiction book about young adult life.

helped make dinner--minestrone soup. so. good.
personally, i can't wait to be dark again like in this picture....yes. it's happening this weekend. diy, baby! as someone wise once said, you pick your poison!! hahaha.
to the book list.
sorry. i started rambling back there...
genesis trilogy; barnett-gramckow
jack & rochelle; sutin
peace like a river; leif enger
wild at heart; eldredge
circle trilogy, etc; dekker
the lost books; dekker
living water; yun
hinds' feet on high places; hurnard
the face of God; myers
crazy love; chan
my utmost for His highest; chambers
captivating; eldredge
forgotten God; chan
the irresistible revolution; claiborne
making peace with a dangerous God; clare & ingram
the heavenly man; yun
the notebook; sparks
the wedding; sparks
the practice of the presence of God; lawrence
this present darkness; peretti
piercing the darkness; peretti

...what are some of your favorite titles?
...some of your favorite authors??
...and why?
what are some books you hope to read?

p.s. --who's from pataskala ohio?? i'm curious!! comment or email me! :)


jessicajane said...

im not from pataskala, but im from port clinton! i remember being young and going to Christian concerts, this one white hip hop guy who made a song about pataskala...cant remember his name. is that where you are from?

Anonymous said...

Good choice on the Oswald Chambers. He hits home with every page! And I love Peretti too.. growing up we devoured his "Cooper Kids Adventure Series"! Happy reading and coffee drinking ;-)

Kelly said...

Hi Beka! Thanks for the b-day wishes yesterday. I'm from Ohio, but not Pataskla...

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I find my taste in books severely lacking. If there aren't vampires in them, I find I don't appreciate them as much.
However, being an English major, I do appreciate the greats. So if I had to make a list it would probably be filled with all the "literature" I have yet to read, such as: The Catcher and the Rye, Catch 22, 1984, A Brave New World, Great Expectations, etc, etc.

Of course, my favorite author is Anne Rice. I don't think anyone could possibly take her place.