Monday, April 26, 2010

haircuts and parts of happy lists...

1. Anna found my camera today. :) Very excited about that.
2. Gave Caleb that long overdue haircut, and when I was done, he ended up wanting it all as short as the stuff in the back...he's able to use gel now. :) I like it.
Yes. We went kinda drastic. More than we have in a looong while:)
Yep, new scissors Mom got the other day, a nice yellow random comb, and... of course. ;) I'm not going to name that thing with the handle, or what it held. 'Kay? (hahahahahaha!!)
Before I got a picture of the finished specimen, I saw the sky, I sprayed protective matte finish on the paintings of this past week, and then I got him. He's frowning because of course he won't muster a smile for me...he's figuring out his new phone because his old one broke, this new one came today, and he's figuring it out. It's complicated. Ay yi yi.
But it's cool. And he's liking the camera and sound recording different songs. 

The other night, Anna had the urge and made these:
Oh.My.Gosh. So good. 
Golly. Nothing better than a paintbrush in one hand, and a brownie in the other:)
That modified-and-made-better-than-the-prototype thing is for someone... ;)
Well. I'm off to have not-homemade pizza with the family.
I've got more pictures, etc., but I'll do those some other time, as well as a few more to that happy random list above... :)
Forgot to mention, though, that I randomly took a spur-of-the-moment sabbatical from the computer on Saturday and Sunday, that's why the no-show. :) I'm back though, and caught up on peoples blogs. Lovely!


Christopher And Tia said...

I've been so bad this pregnancy. I've eaten a brownie, or more, a day. Every, single, day. They're my weakness.

So glad you've found your camera!

LeAnna said...

Yay for finding the camera!! I'm just loving your art work, too. So cute!

Abbie said...

Uhm, those brownies? Causing me some serious drool-issues here. Not kidding.

And also, I am IN LOVE with your coffee painting! I adore it! Someday, when we're chatting and laughing together in that cute little coffee shop, over some delicious hot tea or coffee, I will convince you to paint something cute for me!

(Just so you know :)

- Abbie

J.J. said...

holy moly!!!!! brownies. yummmmm.

Yellow House said...

I would have eaten the whole pan of those brownies! Wow! Yum!

Chana said...

What a great day! Your killing me with those brownies!

beka said...

Ack! I didn't want to *kill* anyone:)

heather said...

So happy anna finally baked them! They looked scrumptious. And wow...who's the cute kid?? awesome haircut Caleb!! Just had to tease...:)