Thursday, April 15, 2010

my first blog award!

I really want to thank Chana, over at her Mamma Town blog, for awarding me this...this surprise. :) Thank you! Her blog is full of sweetness and I love her pictures and funny, touching stories. :) Her ice cream cake makes me drool, and I tell you: I am going to make it someday. Soon. :)

1: The shortest time it took me to fill a composition notebook/journal: January 2-February 6 2010

2: I love old music. Really, I seriously do. I’ve not heard of too many people my age who like 30-50’s music . . . Frank Sinatra. :) (Michael Buble does not do it for me and jazz..nuh-uh.) I love Frank’s rendition of Embraceable You. Ah. Glenn Miller. Doris Day. But I warn you, from there, I have many branches of music taste. Underoath, anyone? ;) Dallas Green? Um, go to my blog profile to see more of my fav’s.

3: I put my hair up with knitting needles. And crochet hooks. The obsession started when my hair got long enough. And colors? Ohh, I have a sober grey crochet hook, 4 snazzy purplish double-pointed needles I got for a bargain at Michael’s, a blue crochet hook, and that’s about it for now. ;)

4: I draw on jeans. With permanent marker. When I was about 15, I did 2 or 3 pairs. In the past year or two, I drew on a pair that I gave to dear PJ. Here’s an example. :) The ladies at the coffee shop loved them—asked tons of questions. It was pretty funny to see PJ fielding the questions to me. “Wow, you did that?! That’s awesome! You should sell!”

5: Lately, I’ve become very infatuated with natural light. No flash. Taking pictures outside. It looks insane. And I’ve gotten some weird glances from siblings…which, in and of itself, isn’t too strange, but you know what I mean.

6: Today has been The Day for people to randomly come up next to me and/or touch me out of the blue, right as I’m pressing the take-the-picture button. Which results in more acute claustrophobia of some sort, ya know. :D

7: I can’t throw a softball farther than 20 feet when I’m in outfield and the wind is blowing. Hmm. That happened the other night. And we need more players, because I soooo do not want to play.

8: I’m a coffee snob. Now, that could partially be because I’m not the one who buys it, but hey . . . I’m cultured. (wink-wink to sarah) And Heather was the one to remind me of this...greatly...random thing about myself.
I rarely ever drink Folger’s, if I can help it. Now, for some people, Folger’s does it for them. Not me. I need more than caffeine when I drink that beverage. I want dark, I want flavor, I want smooth. I don’t want bitter. Anyhow, you can see my true coffee colors are coming out. Hope I don’t lose any friends over my snobbery opinions. ;) A coffee post is coming up, just so ya know.

9: I clean a mean kitchen. Well, most of the time. I have some off-weeks where I’m not as thorough as I’ve been . . . but once in a while I freak myself out with the need for perfection. Just…once in a while. :)

10: I’m a peeping-Beka. I look in windows as Anna and I walk at night up and down our street. :) She was bugging me about it last night because she was just noticing it. Otherwise, I’ve always done it. Harhar. Just be glad that you don’t live near me, right? Otherwise, I’d blog about your excitingly architectural house, or the messiness of it, or…nevermind. But I did see this ultra-cute stereotypical grandma turn out the lights in her stereotypical housecoat the other night. It totally reminded me of the movie Up. Really, it did.

Quite sadly, I wrote all this and then it got deleted. So...inspiration sapped and all, I'm very simply awarding:
Jana at sugar, spice, and a little bit of life. Love her blog, her recipes, her pictures, she's adorable. :)
Amy at LuckyNumber13 . . . again, the pictures. I'm a sucker for good, cute, random, life pictures:) Lovely blog, too. She's so sweet.

Alita, at da mainiacs. :) Ahhh, I had a whole novel written about each of these lovely ladies, but oh well. Such is life. Once again, pictures are a big thing that determines how much I love a blog. I'm so biased. I love her blog. :)

And, just because I really want to, I'm also awarding Amy, over at Mom's Coffee Time. :) She's pretty cool in her own right.

Now, I hope y'all have had fun--come on, tell  us 10 random things about yourself, and award three more lovely blogger people. :)

Have a good evening. I'm off to go mourn the first draft of this thing going down the drain unexpectedly. That's why the awards are kinda plain. The first inspired draft disappeared, darnit. :(
See y'all tomorrow or sometime!


Kel said...

Congrats on your first award! I'm sure you have many more in your future! :)

beka said...


Chana said...

Yea!! I couldn't have chosen a more worthy gal to pass this award onto! I loved all your little nuggets of info:) So cute! Your jeans are too cool! Great job Beka! Sorry about the horrible deleted moment! Yikes!

Shelby said...

i totally agree on Folgers, it's like drinking dirty dishwater. It is very bad.

{Amy} said...

Love your list and thank you so much for the award! :) So sweet of you!
I, too, am a coffee snob...Starbucks, please! I am a total peeping-Amy at night as well. I LOVE being able to catch a glimpse inside other people's homes, see how they are decorated, paint colors, etc.

heather said...

Good job on the post bekah!! Glad I could help inspire. (Coffee snobs of the world unite!) And you are so right about old music. Has a oldie charm that can't be beat. Congrats again to my girl bekah who has the best blog EVER!! (I'm hoping if I plug the name often enough...) lol ;)

beka said...

Thank you all:)

Rachel said...

Congrats on you first and not the last i'm sure!!! <3 u <3 Rachel

alita said...

What a fun award! CONGRATS... and thank you! I needed something cool to blog about and this is it. :)