Tuesday, April 27, 2010

continued happy lists... :)

1. Dad brought home a big thing of honey the other day! Praise be to God. :) I need my honey....
 2. It was foggy on the way to a luncheon the other day. Kinda cool...it wasn't too dangerous, so that's why I'm listing it here...we don't get foggy days every day like some places. Ben was driving:)
3. Paintbrushes. And conversations about coming over from Germany in 1958 with the lady at whose store I buy more paint in yummy shades called Chocolate Bar and Turquoise. :) Normal little paintbrushes like Reeves brand is what I use... (upper right corner: that's a muslin sheet used as a curtain, photographed on a rainy day...if you can't tell. :)
4. Dark chocolate from Trader Joe's . . . Dad randomly opened a small parcel of the lovely stuff before he left for the farm just now. :) I saved him coffee earlier, so I reminded him of that when I asked please can I have some chocolate? :) 
5. These shelves. They would inspire one to keep them organized, wouldn't they now?
6. Honeybear pears I had the other day, the day my honey bear ran out... and ya know what? They actually taste like honey. Weird. But Cool.
7. The focaccia bread I made the other day that turned out gorgeous. Light and not dense at all, even though we use 100% whole wheat (I grind hard white wheat berries with our Whisper Mill that doesn't really whisper but it does a good job) ... 
 [That's Danny, he was cheerful that day... Mmmm. Bread finished baking, and our beloved Whisper Mill. :)]
Had to torture you with one last picture. Oh.My.Goodness. It was good. 
God created carbs for a reason, yes? Ohhhhh yes! ;)
Alrighty. I'm posting before I add even more . . . this list will, of course, continue. :)
But I have to go vacuum before most of my fam comes home from errands. Rach and I are home, cleaning, etc., (and blogging....hehe) and Ben's doing stuff outside. Man work.
But beware: I have more pictures! Catching up with my camera and all the ones I took with Caleb's . . . 
Wait. One more.
8. My paint bin: good old Apple Barrel paints, some from way back several (or more) years ago... lovely:)


LeAnna said...

Mmm, lovely tidbits of your going on's, girlie! I love my Momma's whisper mill, which is more like a grindingly loud gnarly mill, but you know...could be worse, I guess. I'm about out of honey, too. Must head to the apiary!

{Amy} said...

foccacia bread, chocolate and honey...yum! i love me some honey too-on toast with peanut butter and in my oatmeal. :)

Yellow House said...

Beautiful pictures! The food, as usual, looks amazing!

Ash the Dreamer said...

Oooooh, that dark chocolate looks soooo good! I love dark chocolate, haha. My mom buys me this amazing dark chocolate with this raspberry creme inside... ah, it's to die for! (Except it would be silly to die for a piece of chocolate, but gah, it's soo good! haha).

Oh, and thanks about Catherine Riley! I quite like her character, too. I hope to be able to work on her story quite soon. :) And yes, she's most DEFINITELY Italian. haha. And no, I haven't ever read anything by Kristin Heitenzmann or whatever her name is (haha). I have seen her books in bookstores and considered it, but the back cover of one I considered just sounded too freaky, and I kinda wrote her off as a Frank Peretti-esque sort of writer that gives me the creeps. haha. Maybe I should check her out?

Rachel said...
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Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I'm very intrigued by your focaccia! (Please tell me - am I the first person to ever utter that exact line to you??) ;)