Wednesday, April 28, 2010

artistic endeavors: random moment, anyone?

Ah.... Yes.
I just finished another one:)
By the way, Anna has been urging my to make it public . . . 
I take requests. We're still ironing out how exactly everything will be done, and I might try selling one on our family Etsy shop, but there it is. Out in the open. $25-$35, depending. Any questions, email me. Or leave a comment. (smile)
Why on earth does it change from red cup, to orange cup, to green cup?
What the hey was going on?
As if any of you noticed that . . . (Heather or Kade would notice. ;P)
The orange cup was one I saved on the side when I finished off the red cup of black coffee. I prefer it with milk in it... But then, something tragically funny happened. I'll just quote you the status I put up on FB, because I'm just that pathetic:
". . . I knew it would happen someday. My yogurt cover with puddles of paint was too near my coffee cup. And I swished my paintbrush in that beautiful orange, still halfway full, coffee cup:P Lovely!"
Let it be known that I had ignorantly placed my coffee cup on the left side where my palette was, and went from palette, to painting a streak, to swishing it in . . . the mug. :P
As the brush dove beneath the lovely shade of milked coffee, I realized what was happening and shrieked "holy schnitzel!" 
Anna burst out laughing because she knew something bad and amusing just happened.
I took it directly to the sink and dumped it. Even though the paint is non-toxic... (psh, i would never drink it after that--haha. :P)
 So you know what I did?
I made myself a cup of Oregon vanilla chai. From Wally-world. It's sooo good.
And it says to use the little packet for 8oz of hot water or milk, but that would be drinking strong, sugary stuff. I do the whole 16oz of this mug with hot water. Mmmm. :)
So. The inspiration, you're wondering?
This: was on the wall of a coffee shop/quilting place run by two cute old ladies. :)
Obviously it's only an inspiration. I think that'd be cool to replicate it, but that just doesn't work:) Plus, then they're both unique unto themselves.
And here it is finished:
Ah. Love late dinners...
By the way, check out this cute/random/amusing lady, Flower Patch Farmgirl:)


Samantha said...

Well you did a pretty good replica of it!
Tis a cute design! Fits you so well. ;)

LeAnna said...

Absotively posolutely love the new one!

Chana said...

I just love your art posts! They make me so happy!

Yellow House said...

I love that you paint! It's on my wish list of things to learn. Love the colors.

Kade said...


alita said...

I envy your art. I wish I could do that!

beka said...

Thanks, peoples:)

Farmgirl Paints said...

You are awesome!

myletterstoemily said...

darling! those random moments
are the richest ones.

The Paper Mama said...

Looks great! I love it!

Kelsey said...

this is super cute, girl! You got talent!

heather said...

Omg...I love it!! Too cute. ;)