Friday, April 16, 2010

rants and things like that... tortellini recipe and pictures.

Forget that chicken-rice-whatever dish. Dad didn’t want to wait *an hour* for the rice to cook. Didn’t start it ahead of time, bad me.
Anyhow, I cooked up some tortellini that we got at the nearest Italian grocery/restaurant especially for times like these.

 [Click for larger views, if that suits your curiosity...If you have any curiosity.]

Saute a minced onion in butter. We start most of our savory stuff with this. The onion. It's only this time that I'm strictly using butter because it tastes really good with the cheese-filled tortellini. Let me torture you, dears. :) 
Add some sliced mushrooms, while your pasta water heats up with a good dose of salt.
With a two-pronged fork, carefully break up the seemingly rock-frozen spinach. It's easier than you think. That evil-looking fork is perfect to use. Haha.
So. Stick a cover on the pan that's sauteing. 
Set aside a small bowl of mushrooms already sauteed, because Dad doesn't want spinach in his tortellini. (Don't ask me why.)  
Take a sip of that coffee (or tea) you brewed. 
Test that tortellini, because you don't know when it's done. (Psh, it was my first time.) Dump it into the colander, and finish your coffee while stirring the sauteed stuff. Make sure there's enough butter, 'kay? ;)
Alrighty. Dump the pasta into a nice big stainless steel like I did and didn't take a picture of, and then pour the saute over that. Mix it, eat it, get fat, get fed, and enjoy. :)

One last thing: it may be on the note of my coffee-snobbery, but what the heck were those people on when they invented Teeccino? I’m serious as all get-out here. It smells nothing like coffee, tastes absolutely nothing like coffee, and has no effects of coffee.
I don’t get it.
I’ll just be thankful that the stuff that I’m brewing for Mom she didn’t have to buy. I would never pay money for the stuff, but that’s just me. Ewwww.
Herbal coffee?
Sorry. That’s the stuff of my nightmares.
A dark liquid in my cup that looks from afar off to be coffee, but is completely polar opposite. In everything.
So…what’s your view on this? This…wanna-be beverage?
Do you like it? (If any of you drink it, I'm sure we can still stay friends...I'm just saying...)
That’s my random rant for the day. :)
And this was the semi-start of it: 
See the trees? Budding! Yes! And sorry. This is real coffee. No herbal here. This collage celebration...or something...of real coffee. How weird. But look at that sky. Beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Wierd as it may be, but for us
that can't handle caffeine, we have to deal with it!
Thanks for making it for me and Gram!
<3 Mom

Abbie said...

Hey lady :)
Yummo. I'm going to have to try this.

Guess what? I featured you on my blog today! (Go check it out, if that suits your curiosity... if you HAVE any curiosity =D) lol.

beka said...

Aw, thanks dear!
Haha, yes I have curiosity... ;) A lot of it.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I sampled some tortellini at Costco yesterday and now I am seriously craving it. Might have to go pick some of it up later.

Yellow House said...

This food makes me so hungry! I think I found your blog by clicking through another blog I follow. Love the background and love all the food and photos! Thanks for stopping by my blog too! Have a great week!

heather said...

Wow...I"m so with you Bekah. Herbal coffee?? Somethings should just not exsist.-from one coffee snob to another. ;)