Tuesday, April 13, 2010

randomness of notebooks:)

So the other day (there I go starting with that phrase again...) I did something kinda crafty. Not to say I'm not crafty, but the extent of my craftiness mostly is wound up in cleaning a kitchen to loveliness (when I'm focused) and writing . . . and making pizza with homemade bread dough, etc., like last night. 
I don't do that often. It make the kitchen a wreck. But that's okay, because Mondays are Caleb's clean-the-kitchen day. Haha. :) Oh, the sometimes-bliss of having so many siblings;)
So Anna and I made things like these with Skylar:
Right: front. Left: back. Yes....mine was the most random thing you've ever seen in your life...well, almost. I mean, carrots? Yes, we had a bunch of different magazines. Eliza...Eat Good (or whatever that healthy-eating mag is called) and a bunch of others that I'll not mention here. Don't judge my absolutely cute-and-eclectic composition notebook. I can't help it if I was having a not-completely inspired day and did whatever hit my fancy...
 *Someone* took this picture of stuff on my dresser. My Bible (good thing you can't see the duct tape on the spine. I love that version and am not getting a newer one just for prettier looks. Nuh-uh.), an empty spiral-bound journal, a book from the library on Oral History and Storytelling. A mechanical pencil. The lavender Young Living essential oil that I've been putting on those darn mosquito bites that are reduced to scars as of today... Blue yarn from a different crafty project a few months ago.
The C.S. Lewis justice/love/promises quote I wrote with a purple Sharpie where the purple paint is peeled off because of my lazy painting job and no sanding beforehand. Sheesh. I tell ya, someday I'm going to right that wrong...

And this is my day thus far, as if you all wanted to know...but here are some random pictures:) 
So yes. Of course I brewed coffee.
But way before that, I heated water for green tea. Ya know...drink something healthy, and then sip some coffee. Haha.
Yep. There ya have it. A random start to the day. And gosh. Vacuuming today...urgh. :)
Gram's napping, and Anna and Caleb are at a friend's house for a few hours, watching the children so the mommy who just had a baby boy a few weeks ago can take a nap. :) 
Later? Chopping broccoli for the potato-broccoli curry that Anna's going to make. 
I should post the recipe for Slop sometime...it's so good. And for those of you freaking out in your unknowingness, Slop is a vegan curry. That's not its official name, it's the name our friend's husband gave it. She's the one who passed it onto us. Oh goodness it's yummy. :)
Over rice, it's basically tomato-spinach-chickpea-coconut-milk-curry-spice and a dash of cayenne pepper. And salt, obviously. Mmmm. :)
Another thing I'm excited about is my first blog award Chana gave me--I'm going to work on it asap, I promise! :)

p.s. Woo-hoo for getting frustrated to no end with trying to run/convert a .zax file! Talk about getting close to tears. I'm angry at the thing; it's so not working...and we really need it; seeing as how the CD burner/recorder at the women's conference failed and this is the only file we have of the one certain service. Darnit. Psh. I really hope y'all have a good day. (grits teeth and smiles)


Chana said...

Hi ya Pretty Lady!
Thanks for the mini plug here (hee-hee) and you SO deserved the award! Your day looks just fab so far!
I'm posting the recipe for the ice cream cake tomorrow if you are interested!

Paper Lady Invites said...

Wow, making your own pizza dough... I buy mine! Of course, I don't like cooking... :)

I love the random photos. And, I'd like to see this recipe for Slop.

heather said...

Hahaha.....slop is out of this world! Well...okay maybe not...but it's still pretty good. lol Aww...poor Caleb. Notebooks look very cool. Might have to try that. Yeah heard about the unmentionable magazines that were used. lol ;)