Friday, April 9, 2010

cookies? yeah.

We’re at this women’s conference and I’m helping Ben and his friend, Jason, in the back with sound and lyrics on the wall/projector stuff.
Interesting, huh?
So . . . I went out into the lobby, where Rach was holding Eliyah in the Ergo and Joni was working with papers, like always.
I’m hungry. Only had some yogurt with strawberries cut up, and that’s not much, then gave the rest to Grammy with a banana cut up because we had to fly out the door, almost literally because we were nearly late. ;)
Out in the lobby: there’s a basket of chocolate-chip-cookies singularly wrapped in red cling-wrap. So I picked one up, then mentioned that I was getting one for Ben . . .
“Aren’t you getting one for Jason, too?” Rachel asks me.
“Well . . . I wasn’t. Don’t want to assume he likes these kind of cookies,” I joked.
But I grabbed another one.
When I was younger, at these women’s conferences, Joni was more strict about taking how many cookies. Only one, it was when I was younger. But. She didn’t say anything. Didn’t even look up. She was cheerful, etc.
So I go back into the meeting room, stuffing the cookies (nice-sized) into my zip-up sweater pocket.
I sit down, and hand one to Ben. Then another. But I reach past and give the second one to Jason. (I don't think I mentioned that he's the guy who's helping a ton with finding and fixing the bug/virus thing in my laptop.)
Because I’m just that nice. And my brother doesn't need twice the sugar, haha.
Then I have one for myself . . . obviously, the largest one of the few. ;)
Well, I have to say, some people are nice in this world. Once in a while. (heheh)
Earlier, Jason’s mom randomly gave him and Ben a blue-wrapped Lindt truffle. Must’ve been extras. I begged Ben for his. He was stubborn and inconsiderate of my need. (harhar) Anyways . . . Jason traded me his dark chocolate truffle for the cookie. Lovely surprise. Some people are considerate. Or, they just don’t need chocolate. ;) Today is a good day after all. I left my chocolate at home.
Chocolate makes me happy. (wink, wink, Heather dear)
So. of course I say thank you, scarf it down, and the cookie didn’t take too long after that. (oh, it was so good.)
I didn’t eat it too fast, I promise. And the funny part is coming.
Well, it depends on how you look at it. . .
Anyways. Somehow I sucked it down the wrong pipe.
So I clear my throat in that way you do when it’s not natural.
“What, y’choking on your cookie?” Ben asks, slightly amused. No, I did not eat it too quickly. But I am hungry. One cookie doesn’t do it. ;)
I nod my head and clear it some more, trying to get ahold of the urge, you know how that works.
“She’s choking on her cookie?” Jason notices.
“Yeah,” I say. “I’m snorting it.”
His brows raise. “Ohhh, intense.”
My throat/nasal passage clears, and I laugh with Ben, quietly.
Sometimes, life is amusing.
Sometimes, people are too.
[You can see it's a beautiful day here... lovely. :) ]
And hey. You can’t go through life without finding (some) things amusing, because otherwise you’re probably just going to dry up and die. There’s a scripture that says something like that:

A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones.
[Proverbs 17:22]

See ya guys later:) Pray we find a way and this horrible little stinker of a bug gives up its chances of surviving undiscovered in my computer. Thank you. :)


alita said...

I love chocolate, too. Nice QUIET post. I enjoyed it! Hope you have a great weekend.

Winklepots said...

I'd give up almost anything for one of those tasty Lindt Truffles. They're a personal weakness. Mmmm, chocolate.

Kade said...

that'a boy, Jason.

But what in the world were you doing women's conference?

and how'd you get in dude?

that's completely rad! u gotta show me some of those mad-skills sometime.

Haha, Ive been in quite a few women's meetings/conferences. One I was a "server". Ya know... waiting the ladies' tables? And at the others, the meetings were at my house, so I was a "baby-sitter". but that was just my secret identity.

but anyways, nice smoothness with the cookie "trade" dude, that was sweet.

heather said...

Yes I know chocolate makes you happy dear. :) very funny post... That truffle soumds good. Not really my thing but to each his own, ya know?? ;)