Friday, April 9, 2010

these pains we feel He does too.

Thursday, April 08, 2010 9:21pm
Whoever heard of a part of someone’s life falling apart, partly crumbling in just a few days?
Maybe two.
How can this happen.

Why do they have to disappear?
Why do they have to fall apart?
Why do they have to wear down?
Why do they have to get old?
Why do they have to leave?
These things happen with people.
Just in different ways. (Different times.)
Some choose it.
And those who choose it, they know they’ve chosen it.
Some can’t really help it; maybe they’ve been going down that twisty road for a while and never knew it? God knows.
Only God knows.
And He knows we have to watch this stuff happen; (some people deteriorate).
He knows we have to feel this pain.
The pains we feel
He does, too.

Behold, God is my salvation;
I will trust, and will not be afraid;
for the LORD GOD is my strength and my song,
and He has become my salvation.
[Isaiah 12:2]
O LORD, in distress they sought you;
they poured out a whispered prayer...
[Isaiah 26:16]

...For in the day of trouble He will keep me safe in His dwelling; He will hide me in the shelter of His tabernacle and set me high upon a rock."
[Psalm 27:4-5]


Chana said...

I love this. And really needed to hear it, so thank you for sharing:) Have a great weekend!

heather said...

Hmmm...very thought provoking Bekah. Asked these same questions, especially this year. Don't really have any answers but I know the One who does. And just knowing Him is enough for me. :)