Saturday, April 17, 2010

achey neck and early mornings. haha.

It’s a Saturday.
There’s a lot on our calendar for today: a bridal shower for a cousin. A birthday party for Eliyah. Making that chicken-rice dish I talked about two posts ago that didn’t happen yet.
Last night when my bed and I were reunited, it was 1:30am.
Did I mention today was a Saturday?
And the fact that last night was an absolutely wonderfully loud and memorable concert? (Pillar, Vota, Maximillian, and Undying Allegiance. I’ll give a description once I have pictures up…you know me.)
And Anna woke me up at 9am.
My neck hurts. It’s early. ;) Last night was . . . sweet.
There are too many words that are cliché and/or overused, so excuse my lack of words. :)
There’ll be pictures and hopefully a lesson for me on uploading videos to fb and YouTube—as soon as I find my camera and cord. Darnit. (See, my laptop doesn’t like when I put the SD card in the correct slot. I think it’s too many pictures, too much information or something…it froze the 5 stupid times I tried it last fall. :))
Well. I have a kitchen to clean, because who likes an unorganized, dirty-dish-filled kitchen?
It’s not a hopeless case; I’m almost half done. 9:43am. And still writing to you, which is the wrong way to go about cleaning anything…
So, I bid you all dear people a lovely Saturday.
You never know when I’ll be around, commenting, or blogging. So until then.


Mom's Coffee Time said...

Such a fun post you aways have that I enjoy reading. All in all I hope you had a lovely weekend. Visit if you'd like, Happy Monday Beka!! ~Amy

LeAnna said...

Have I ever mentioned I love the name Eliyah? It's one of my favorite girl names. And she is such a doll.
I heart your new profile pic, too. Muchly!

beka said...

Thanks dear:)