Sunday, April 11, 2010

what do i resemble?

The other day, um... Friday the 9th, I was looking out the window. When I do such a thing, something is bound to happen besides thoughts. Right?
Okay. So this time, something did happen. :) Heh heh. 
I'll just go on and tell you then.

I saw a strangely interesting sight out the kitchen, which has the lovely view of our backyard. But the backyard wasn't what I was focusing on. Half of the garage was empty, and the other half had a lot of stuff residing in it--stuff, namely paintball and airsoft equipment, guns, and camo coats...amongst other things. :) Interesting stuff, I tell you.
Unfortunately it was more of a chilly day, so I slipped the nearest coat on --Ben's. Nice big and blue. Haha. It didn't zip it up because I wasn't going to be out there long, and I wasn't exactly going to freeze, thank goodness that part of Spring is virtually over. :)
The children (caleb, rach, lyd and ito) were jumping in the trampoline, and I stepped out the back door with green mug of hot green honeyed tea in one hand, and Kodak camera in the other.
Har har.
So. I start snapping. This is the interesting view I was contemplating out the window...
Yes, this is the garage. And I cropped out the *ahem* constructive stuff part to the side . . . :) That's my mug, yes. And that's a broken chair waiting to be fixed. I loved the metaphors and natural outside dirtiness. And the slight unorganized feel.
And the shop door. And the mural I painted when I was 14. The log cabin and pier. 
Of course, I didn't feel like leaving this picture sooc, so I adjusted the color a wee bit, just normal "auto level" stuff. And then the vintagey antique photo filter. :)
Anyhow . . . to the real, funnier part of the story. But I warn you, it's no less random. :]
So the kids are jumping. Too bad my wardrobe plays a significant part of this, huh? My camo cargoes, black Faithfulness from notw (c28) and Ben's coat. And my mug of tea. Not that that's part of my wardrobe, I just felt like mentioning it again. Some of you know how much I love tea. (let's not get on the coffee subject...hahaha...)
So. There I am, watching the kids have fun, right?
[See? You can tell it was chilly out; Caleb was wearing a hat. Haha. Boys are so invincible against weather. Usually.]
"Hey! You're wearing camo!" Ito yells to me. "You look like army."
They jump like beans. Or something. They're very bouncy. 
I walk closer. This is funny. "Really?" I take a sip of tea.
"Yeah, you're like all camo . . . and you're wearing Ben's coat--why are you wearing Ben's coat?" Lyd asks with him.
"Um, because it was the nearest one and I wasn't going to be out here long," I explain. I mean, it is kind of obvious, right? I'm not even wearing shoes. Just socks. Woo-hoo.
Ito laughs. "You look like you're a Army wife." (nevermind that it should be "an" instead of "a"'s a child.)
And they jump.
Lyd agrees. "Yeah, she does!"
I'm thoroughly amused. But I'm done with this conversation of odd comments from kiddies. (I had to get ready to go to the meeting where I had cookies. Harhar.)
[my thoughts? um....children can be very amusing. and the conclusions and ideas they draw from wardrobe? funny. Though kind of logical, I guess.]

P.S. I just love it when the phone rings, Anna gets it, and Grammy's still in her chair and says "hello" like she just picked it up herself...but she eavesdrops. She's the expert at that art, I tell you. ;)


Paper Lady Invites said...

Hmmm, I'm feeling like I need to clean my garage! I wont share a picture of mine!

Isn't Drowning all we've earned? said...

Ha Love this. So funny!! I like the pictures! Very nice mural! Miss jumping on the trampoline. Good times. =D

Chana said...

Oh! I love this post! I have a little something for you at Mamma Town when you get a minute to stop by!

Christopher And Tia said...

I like your garage :)

And the fact that you have a trampolene.

And the fact that you wear mens coats and sip tea while wearing camo.

beka said...

Thanks dears:)

heather said... are funny...sometimes. lol Loved the pic of the garage. Why doesn't it look like that when I come over though?? lol Got to love photo shop! ;)