Tuesday, April 6, 2010

indecisiveness. and busy days.

The sky can't make up its mind if it wants to storm, or just rain peacefully.
It was the latter when I came up from my shower (singing that popular Easter song Let the weak say I am Strong; I love that one, goodness I do) and now it's back to storming. :)
Gosh, i can't believe it's been . . . oh, what, err. . . 2 days since I've posted? And that last one was only pictures, basically?
Well, I have good reason for my lack of a good blog life. (hahaha)
Sometime Sunday I somehow picked up a backdoor virus along the way . . . and I have a few minor problems.
So most of yesterday I was preoccupied with talking on the cell with Ben's friend who knows a lot about computers.
I learned quite a bit, but it's not over yet.
Installing a security program --not Norton-- because Norton doesn't play nice with my Vista. Darnit.
Sometimes you just have to focus on the good things in your life during the day. Like Love Mercy by Lisa and Ty Samson coming in the mail from Amazon with Miracle, Robbie Seay Band's newest album. Wow. What a pair. Amazing. It was gorgeous yesterday. What happened? :)

Well. The sky's lightening up a bit; darker clouds moving away or the sun taking affect, I don't know.
Yesterday our co-op arrived. We ordered 2lbs of Cafe Altura dark roast coffee. I think it's organic. But whatever --it was so good. I tried it out the first minute I brought it in the house, of course. ;) Heck, it even tasted good black! I normally take it with a bit of milk. Whole, raw milk. Not that watery 2% stuff. ;)
Anyways, I really have to do that coffee post sometime... hehe.

Tell me this is not awesome Fiesta dinnerware. The color, my friends, is called Peacock. I love it. :)

Well. I must get going. Make a bit of coffee for myself --regular, the Altura or Trader Joe's Bolivian Blend-- and then a small pot of decaf for Anna and Sarah --hazelnut cream that they bought yesterday out of necessity-- and then I'll get Ben to drive me over. Or something.
Hope y'all have a lovely Tuesday, 'cause I have to vacuum. Why do I always bring that up on here? Well. It's probably only mentioned in the Tuesday posts. So I don't feel that bad. ;)

Danny's here for the second time in days. Weeks, more like it. He's pitching a fit, so . . . wow. It's been going on the past 10 minutes or so. *whistles* If I was Mary Poppins or something, I would make him mute. Just for a little while.
That's not mean of me, right?
That's me, being a tyrant.
Not the best sight in the world.
But anyways, back to having a good day. :)


Christopher And Tia said...

I can't wait for our first spring storm to come around the corner. The corner must be really far away though, because the forecast is clear from here until day 7.

Someday soon, *sigh*

beka said...

I bet they'll come soon enough! Darnit for clear weather, though. Rain mixed it up;)

donna_m_webb said...

aaww, I left you a big comment this morning! Where did it go :( nuts1

beka said...

Darn. I hate when comments don't work out! It's happened to me, too. :(

Rachel Thelen said...

Aww, i love your pics, danny was a crany dude was'nt he? he he i know. :)
<3 Rachel

Rachel thelen said...

sorry i meant "cranky not "crany"",,,

Paper Lady Invites said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I've had fun searching through your blog! Weather has been crazy back and forth here in Oregon!

Abbie said...

I love good days :)

And I LOVE that Fiesta ware. We sell it at my place of employment and I've been lusting after it for quite some time =D

beka said...

Ugh I know. It's like the only dishes that I consistently like:D