Friday, April 30, 2010


Thanks to In a Yellow House . . . another award:)
She's a sweet blogger lady who has amazing food pictures, and she sews, (holy cow) and she likes Starbucks. Which is coffee. Well, and tea. Which is . . . nevermind. Y'all know where I'm going.
So. Thanks to Yellow House! :)
Now for some things that...make me happy. Hmm. Just so ya know, this isn't going to be in any specific order, 'kay? Thanks. ;)

1. Clean kitchens. I was just working in ours, washing dishes (yeppers, we have human dish washers...) and making it decent looking. Well, trying to. But I love kitchens. Today's just not the best day in the world for me. It's...It's...Just wonderfee, being a woman. (bleh) But, back on kitchen, I want one of my own someday....kind of like this one:
2. Traditional Home magazine. It's like a mixed breed of Architectural Digest and House Beautiful . . . it's wonderfee. :)
3. Reading. Although lately my reading has been of the more non-fiction style --my Bible and blogs, heh heh-- Lisa Samson, Bonnie Grove, Karen Hancock, and Ted Dekker are a few of my favorite authors. I hate horror or too much suspense. (um, most of those books in the pic are not mine...they're Anna's and Skylar's from a library trip last summer..haha)
4. Writing. Sure, I blog quite a bit, but for journalling, etcetera? Composition notebooks and a pen are my best friends. Ever since a couple Christmases ago, I've been using one of Ben's pens, and nothing less. :) Here are two I made in December with him:
5. Painting. Not sure if any of you lovelies out there picked up on it . . . harhar.
6. Rain. And the smell in the breeze before it starts...and how the grass looks after it...and the rainbows that you see sometimes during it. :)
 7. Purple. Like chairs. Like paintings. Like these pumps:

8. This mug from Etsy, by MrPS. Except I don't think it's big enough . . . only holds 11oz.
9. The sky. Mostly when it's blue. And there are tons of jets/planes/what have you flying through it...
10. Robbie Seay Band . . .their latest album, Miracle. Amazing lyrics in those songs. Wow.

And the beautiful ladies I'm awarding?

The Mrs. @ Trying Our Best
She mentioned such a yummy recipe the other day...(guacamole over chicken tacos) And she's just too cute:) I loved reading about her and her hubby's different cleaning styles. ;)

Mrs. Bement @ The Newlywed’s Diaries
I just found her the other day and I love her way with words. :) Plus, she's adorable, and I started reading her with this post about strange old men. haha! It's just so random, and I loved it.
Christina @ Consider the Coffee
I love her title, of course. And I love all her collages of dresses/etcetera. Makes you want to have a closet full of vintage dresses... :)
She's going to have a Soapbox post soon, so I'm excited for that, and her family post is so sweet:) You meet everyone, and you want to read her blog all the more. :)
Jessica Jane @ Jessica Jane Handmade
She's got pictures...she's got crafts. She's pretty adorable, too:) I found her a while ago, but have been reading more of her lately... She's honest and sweet and she even does the Flashback Friday. ;)

So...copy the picture, post it in your Happy award post, and link to me and award 5 --or however many you want to-- bloggers, and link to them... :)
Have a lovely evening!!


jessicajane said...

how sweet!

i love your blog...the songs you have playing. your pictures.

i am with you on the kitchen thing. i really dont care what my future house looks like as long as it has a sweet ass kitchen.

and those mugs are pretty rad.

Hanna said...

OMGSH! I totally know what you mean about mugs being too small. I feel that there is no mug big enough to quench my thirst for some good tea. We should create a business that makes huge mugs and paints them. Like mugs that hold a whole pot of coffee or tea! :]

The Mrs. said...

awwww thank you so much!

I love love love the smell of rain. even better is the smell of asphalt after the rain. i realize that sounds very weird but it reminds me of running out to play after the rain as a kid.

Yellow House said...

I am so glad you reposted this! The happy pictures are wonderful! I love the smell of rain too. I also love the kitchen pic. I wish my kitchen was always clean!

I chuckled when you called me "Yellow House." Maybe I should use my real name from time to time! Have a great weekend, blog friend!

~ Chelsea :)

Christina said...

Fun! Thank you very much for the happy award! :) I love MrPS's shop. One day I'd like to buy something from there. I will post the award/10 things soon!

Mrs. Bement said...

Ah! Thank you! You're so sweet.
I love your pictures, by the way - both paintings and photography. You're my motivation to finally finish the second painting for our bedroom when the semester is over!

Kate said...

The picture with the tea cups in the rain is fabulous. I want to blow it up and frame it.

Isabella Kiss said...

yes! another dekker fan! he is just fantastic!

heather said...

very inspired post miss beka. hehe. Sooooo with you on the color purple. One of my favs. Also know what you mean about the mugs not being large enough...reaching that point soon. :)

beka said...

Thanks, dears:)