Friday, April 2, 2010

mosquitos are from HELLLLL!

Dear God,
I don't think I'll never understand why on this beautiful blooming earth You made mosquitoes. Couldn't You have forgone them? What importance are they in Your creation? I think, in my humble opinion, of course, that it would've been a much better place without them.
And if they had to exist, then why do I have to react to their bites so horribly? Why does my blood have to be so sweet they not only take one bite, but five, on each ankle?
Please, someday I really need to know this.
Send me a letter or something.
And it's not even summer yet. Most people I've talked to lately say that mosquitoes aren't even out yet, but I beg to differ. These seem exactly like mosquito bites I've had in the past, ya know? I just hope there isn't some weird sort of freakish spider wandering our house, because I got these bites while sitting in one place and then I oddly started to itch. And itch. And itch. But thank You so much for lavender, and the clever people who make essential oil out of it. It's helping the itches to . . . hopefully not scab. a
But wait . . . If there is a weird sort of freakish spider in our house, God, could You please kill it? Just...y'know...zap it or something?
Extreme itching is on about the same level as pain right now, for me, and I'd really like to not be bitten again, ever, like this.
Sorry. I know I seem really picky. I'm sorry. Really.
I'll stop writing now, finish off this letter now. I need to go to sleep before I whine to You more . . .
Anyways. Thank You for all the really good things You made. :) They make up for the icky ones most of the time. :) Oh, and the sky today? Beautiful. Loved it. :)
[this is sooc. loading it last-minute:) by the way, for those of you of lesser education, sooc means straight-out-of-camera;)]
Alright. Letter done, you know now that I'm reacting slightly negative to the mosquito bites or whatever you might call them.
Five on each ankle? --And one high up near the knee? Who would react well to that?
I was even wearing pants when these things suddenly afflicted me. Grrr.
Anna says it's a good thing vampires don't exist, because I must have really sweet blood and they would have hunted me down long ago, etc......but anyways. I really need some rest. I finally finished reading Talking to the Dead, and tomorrow will start Shaiton's Fire by Jake Thoene. Should be good. Ben's finishing off the 3rd book in the series. Woo-hoo. ;)
But, since I'm making Mom a disc of pictures from her camera at the moment, this might take a while... :]

But hey--it did rain; more like sprinkles, though. I exactly dance in the rain, but I enjoyed the first few minutes of the mist. :) Then I braided Lyd's hair before we left for the fish dinner thing; we stood outside, in the raindrops and breeze.
There's nothing like the wind in your face, the smell of rain.
Anna and I went for a walk on our street after dinner, and it was dark, breezy, the streetlights glowed golden, and once in a while it started to mist.
The breeze pushed everything out of my face as I breathed in.
I swear I almost heard Him whisper.
[yes, these perty pictures are from my lovely morning the other day...:) again, all sooc. no time to contemplate fidgeting with them. haha. and yeah....laundry hanging on the line because the dryer was broken for a few days. :)]
Once in a while, I'm scared of the dark. Randomly.
Tonight? Me, scared? No. I savored the silence, the cadence of the small-city sounds, the look of wet roads. And the breeze that carries His whisper.


Shelby said...

i completly agree on the skeeters! i hafto ask "why did God make them", sometimes myself.

Farmgirl Paints said...

I can't believe you have mosquitoes already. YUCK! But that means I might take just a few. Happy Easter weekend:)

heather said...

haha...I heartily echo the mosquito sentiment!! Who needs 'em?? lol ;)

Samantha said...

Ahh it might be spring, but the mosquitoes are already at my house...lots and lots of them. Grrr I agree with your view on mosquitoes! I have only gotten 3 bites so far, but I was in the house the when they got telling what would happen if I was outside.