Tuesday, April 27, 2010

wordless wednesday: my boredom on the softball field.

clifbars, mmm:)
note: Tuesday night softball practice.
Can you tell how much I hate the game? I mean really... :) It's not that bad, but I'm not that good...and sports? Nah... on a random fashion note though, I love the blue $4 Kohls shirts I layered with a gray $1.82 long-sleeved one;)
By the way, once I was 5 inches away from getting hit by the ball. I was in outfield, and Caleb yelled at me when my head was down. Look up, step to the side. Nicely averted.
My distraction? My camera.
I was looking at my camera, turning it on, while manning an outfield position. Not very well, obviously, but oh well.
I'm not meant to play softball.
I'm meant to take pictures.
Please, please, please don't make me play again...
Pray they have better turnouts from now on, because last week when I didn't go, they had enough people...this week, everyone decided to skip out on us except for the loyal two. Plus Dad, Ben, Caleb, Lyd and I.


The Paper Mama said...

Great photos. I love the one of the field. By the way... I'm not much into sports either. :)

heather said...

I LOVE sports!! Maybe I should come out and play so you can snap away beka. Loved the pic of the cliff bar dear. They rock. ;)

alita said...

Hmmm what is a cliff bar? Curious minds are inquiring, oh and softball... yeah I SUCK at it. I love to watch baseball, but you could not get me to play. like evah... muhahaha!

ps. Thanks for all the very VERY sweet things you have said over the last week. It has been kinda rough around here. ((hugs))

beka said...

Mmm, thanks ladies:)

Faith said...

love your landscapes!