Saturday, April 3, 2010

grammy's prayer.

Rain outside, coffee, and Grammy and I enjoying the silence. Boys airsofting at the farm, girls coloring eggs with Grandma T, and Mom and Anna being doulas at a birth since 5am. Youch. :) Washing dishes while coffee brews. Tis a beautiful dreary day. :]
[If you can't tell, she's tired. :) She woke up earlier than me. Haha. But goodness, she loves eggs and salsa. and my coffee.;)]
I woke her up from her snooze; an early lunch ready for her and me. :)
She loves food. My food especially. (haha! just kidding. she says all the food here is good. :))
I set the plate on her lap board, then stepped back. She immediately began talking; head down, eyes still drooping from just awakening.
"Dear heavenly Father, I thank You for this good food, and for friends…” she trails off, fingers not quite gripping the fork; still waking up. “being so nice…” a mumbled part that might’ve been in Your name we pray, “Amen.”
[Yep, she likes my coffee. :) Imake some pretty good coffee. Today it was bolivian blend (with a wee bit of milk.) Thank you once again, Sarah and Justin! :D]
She takes a bite.
“Well, that hen sure worked. This is good.”
A minute later, as I’m snapping a picture of her, she sips her coffee.
“Mmmm. I like your coffee.”
I smile.
That’s one of the best (food/drink) compliments someone can give me.
[My coffee in the monster mug; me; the sky yesterday in the middle of braiding lyd's hair and raindrops; my eggs and salsa, waiting for me:)]

p.s. Look at this link about that Babies movie coming out on Mother's Day! Love that trailer, my goodness. :)


donna_m_webb said...

love this! love her smile! question? how do you do that 4 in 1 photo thing??? it is always so striking the way you show that patchwork of pics!

heather said...

awww...sweet post Bekah. You guys take such good care of your grammy. And you do make the best coffee dear. :)

Kade said...

What do you mean, an interesting place?

It's an awesome place! Haha

Very cool blog! Thanks for leaving me some nice comments!

Have you been to yet? It's an even cooler place.

Right now, we are hosting the fifty dollar challenge, you should really do it!

I'm following you now, so...
I'll be back.

Isabella Kiss said...

hey beka, thanks for the blog comment! i like your blog too, and the newsprinty background is really sweet. I think I shall become a follower!
have a happy easter!

LeAnna said...

This was precious. I love that your Grammy loves your coffee. That's amazing. Not that it's not usually good, eh, but just that coming from that generation, that's amazing. :)

Abbie said...

How sweet! I am absolutely in love with old people. I adore them! And your Grammy is absolutely precious :)

Christopher And Tia said...

Well that hen sure worked, haha. Too cute.