Monday, December 27, 2010

me: talking my head off and making lists,

Steoffrey Language has got to be some of the cutest people ever.
Their Christmas video is just plain adorable.
Oh ma word.
How cute is this? For real???
Scooting? Golly. Don't ya love that stage. Except for, well, the eating of all the crap on the floor, all those tiny things that need the vacuum but replenish no matter what and are always found by expert little fingers.
And the way Caleb (my brother) loves lawnmowers and everythang, I can just see him doing something like this someday. Seriously. How. Sweet. And hilarious.
Oh man.
*shakes head and smiles*

Okay. So it's 5pm. The focaccia bread dough is rising. Dad will be home around 6. I have to pack, so of course I'm picking out some music to listen to.
And I gave in to two small squares of this:
Yeah, 65% chocolate.....yum. and with coffee in it. i haven't had coffee since...friday?? christmas morning i woke up with a sore throat and headache. yeah, that was fun!! drank green tea and honey nearly all day long. :D
Tomorrow, Tuesday, I shall wake at 6am. 
Be hopefully very awake.
Wake Anna and Mom up.
Brave the super-cold and put all my bags in the van.
Eat something hardy.
.........and leave sometime around 7am when Anna and Mom are ready.  
Drive about 2-3 hours south.
Meet Jen and her passenger and Anna and I will transfer our stuff to her car.
Drive south some more. 
.....the rest I cannot plan:) 
I've just heard from Anna that I might be head of decorating the reception area or something like that. As in, the person in charge. I'll be told what she wants, but I'll be freaking left in charge if everything. Um, okay. Lovely! Hope I cope well and it's simple. And the people listen to me. I have no idea who's going to be under my charge. Oh boy.
i love audrey assad's music.
I still have a watercolor painting to finish; it's a romantical quote that Jen wanted. :)
My laundry's in the washer. I should get to packing.
Have a lovely week and New Year's, because I don't know when I'm going to blog next!!
Jen and Craig's wedding is January 1...our family will be heading home on Sunday.


Oh Mandie said...

Me thinks you should post a recipe for that focaccia bread!

Abbie said...

Have fun at the wedding - I know it will be beautiful! Oh, and that chocolate looks exceptional =D

ladaisi said...

Ah! An Adventure! What fun.

Hope your holidays are lovely, love.

Also - THAT CHOCOLATE LOOKS AMAZING! And I love the packaging.

- Lauren

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