Sunday, December 26, 2010

minestrone soup:)

Okay, so I might like taking pictures of the randomly-junked-up counter, huh?
Um, yeah.
I made this December 17. Man, it's crazy how December's nearly over!!
:) There ya have it: my work space when I cook. Music, knives, a hot stove over back there, and ingredients.
Onions, diced diced diced. And beans. I used 2 or 3 cans in this not-too-big pot of soup. Navy beans. I think you can use whatever kind you want, though.
Basic soup stuffs: carrots, celery, onions, all sauteing away. :)
Noodles!! Loves noodles. I do, I do....
Ah, yes. More counterspace for your viewing. Hahahhaha.
Moi. And Lyd and Ito in the background at the table, playing chess:)
Yum. Yum. YUM. Chicken broth, of course, and....a bit of Italian seasoning.
And it was good.
And let me tell you: the family food critic had absolutely nothing to say about it!! He was pretty much silent, and I have got to say that I counted it an accomplishment. ;)
Ze chicken, finishing up cooking....
Ginger peach tea:)
Coffee!! For after dinner. Yes. Some days I brew to the 4-6 on the pot at dinner time. Don't tell me I'm addicted. We're all facing the fact silently. ;)
With the chicken added. Picked off the bones, and sliced into bite-size tidbits. Yummers.
Pre-dinner salad!! It's the bomb.
Seriously. Really really really. I love it so much:)
And......right about to sit down to dinner. :) Okay, so it's pre-dinner coffee..........hehe.
And....after-dinner kitchen duty. Fun, fun!!
The other night, Anna got me hooked on Lark Rise to Candleford
How weird is it that in a few days I won't be writing 2010 in my journal anymore?? WEIRD!
Okay, well, I'm going to be painting a canvas for Jen and Craig asap, so I'm going out to the shop to watch help Ben make the canvas. ;)
Hope y'all have a lovely Sunday night!! It's snowy here! And I get to see my best friend PJ in just a couple days...along with her family, her older sister who's getting married on New Year's, and all their lovely cousins and friends, too. How great is that? :)


culturafemenina said... me minestrone is comfort food... specially in a day like today cloudy and cold. Thank you for visiting my blog.I have now added a translator to make things less of a task for so rusty readers. As everyone that trays to read this blog is important to me ;)
Happy Holidays!

Samantha said...

I like how you cook with your laptop on the counter...that's the best way. ;)