Tuesday, February 1, 2011

wordless tuesday: my day.


 yes. yesyesyes!!
 replacement pot for the broken one!! yay!! :)

happy, happy, happy.
today's been a good day:)
and yes. i still have to bake those things i mentioned in the past few posts....i shall!! soon!!!! ♥


Christina said...

I know you are probably waiting of Spring, but I love the magical look of your snowy pictures!

And about the last post...we have been eating red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting often these days! Just small amounts at a time, like one slice bought from a store(not homemade :( ). But I love it!

chambanachik said...

Love the photos!

charla beth :) said...

what a wonderful, wonderful day, i'm so jealous! :)

that book you're reading looks amazing, by the way!

enjoy the rest of your beautiful, snowy day<3

the girl said...

Coffee... and was that My Utmost? Hmm that pretty much equals a fantastic day!