Tuesday, March 15, 2011

artistic endeavors: quotes upon quotes.

it's a dye-your-hair and eat butter garlic naan bread with eggs type of afternoon.

you know that?
mmmm, mmmm....
but anyways, we're catching up on the past paintings real well here. this one: october 27 2010.
it started out quite chaotic, i have to say...
i had these ideas, and they were deflected and changed into something a bit different, all thanks to....oh, i can't remember which paint color was the culprit.

it is what it is. :) and i like the randomness of it--the quotes and everything.
i can't remember if i smudged the word into oblivion or left it there. we shall see, won't we? :)

i believe the black may have been the bad decision. black+white+browns...eh. be careful.
yes....there's the coffee. ;)

that in the bowl there is paint. i did a double take myself, ahahha. like, what on earth was i eating that day?!
see what i mean by loving the quotes? i did a lot of c.s. lewis, predictably:) but since then i've branched out with different authors. 
cool, huh? that's how i mixed the paint that day, and i don't think i've seen that little blue bowl since. hah.
that candle smelled divine: lots of chocolate and yummy smells. there are very few flower candle scents that appeal to me, but then again, some foodie scents can be overdone or totally flunked too.
october 31. . .
yeah, it's black and white.
now here's the finishing shot:
see the green grass in the far left? and the fall-tinted leaf. *sigh* oh my.
it looks like rain outside.
mind you, it was beautiful this morning, but you know spring and fall in the midwest...can you say moody weather? yeah.
what goes good with rain, i wonder? ;)

There is something terribly morbid in the modern sympathy with pain. One should sympathise with the colour, the beauty, the joy of life. The less said about life's sores the better. lol to that last sentence; reminds me of my post the other day of my blogging and what people tell me.
[Oscar Wilde]


Lucy The Valiant said...

Wow that painting is gorgeous!!

charla beth said...

i love that art piece so much, it's perfect. i envy your talents, my dear.

p.s. that black and white picture of you is my fave :)

Oh Mandie said...

I've always been so awe in people who can create art the way that you do, by putting a brush to canvas and churning out something beautiful :)

Megan said...

words combined with art is my absolute fav. well done.