Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i love panera bread forever. and ever. amen. :] the end.

 it's 9:35pm.
we got back from panera around 8:50ish.
all while within temptation's song what have you done now {live album; found a live version on YT...happens to be the same concert}. . .
i picked up, shook rugs outside in the won't-make-you-an-icicle lovely balance of coldness outside the back door, and vacuumed most of the main floor, put the rugs back, filled up a huge mug of water and turned on my laptop.
we went to panera because rachel's birthday is coming up soon. :)

fun time.
what i got?

you-pick-two: cuban chicken hot panini, mac-n-cheese, small coffee (got refilled twice, each time with more decaf than the time before), and we were there with family having a great time till near-closing, so the lady gave me a huge slice of coffee cake. (and the manager found out rach was the birthday girl....gave us a take-home box of all sorts of pastries:) ......

me and the soon-to-be-birthday girl:) oh, and a small piece of ice cream cake. ....which was, of course, total yum.

this smells amazing and i'm going to eat it tomorrow morning with some fresh-brewed coffee. OH. my. :)
. . . random: this morning, i took a few pictures of danny. it was after i brewed the caffe verona, and he came into the kitchen with a smile on his face. "you make coffee?"
"yep. you want some?"
*shake of the head*
"ahh, yeah. you're too little for coffee." :)
"yeah, i too wittle for coffee."

um, i don't have any idea where he got the owie on his forhead. :\ but goodness he's growing up.
^^that's lyd, with a fake little red bird in her hands. :)

here's a great article on love, by brad stine. i first found him on youtube, from someone' blog (can't remember, though i have a suspicion it was charla's? or i might be mistaken)... and then i found his personal site, and then i found out he writes on beliefnet.com. first time for me on that site. interesting stuff.
^^this a.m.
there's nothing like caffe verona. definitely one of my favorites by starbucks, perhaps even above their italian roast or house blend... yep. definitely. :]
♥ oswald today:)
. . . even with doing 1/3 decaf and 2/3 regular coffee at panera --7-8pm-- i'm worried for tonight's sleeping habit...goodness. not sure i should even expect or try to sleep until after 1. sigh. and here i am, trying to go to sleep earlier in the p.m...


charla beth :) said...

oh. my. goodness.
danny is an absolute doll. i'm sucker for those sweet little eyes!

you might've seen brad stine videos on my blog, i've posted them before! i'm a HUGE brad stine fan. and that article he wrote was AWESOME. thank you for sharing :)

Cristina said...

That little Danny, I just want to squeeze him... and them kiss his little face... wait is that inappropriate since I don't even know you guys? oh well, I don't care, he is just too cute.
I too love Panera and my favorite is their broccoli soup, yum!

*Lizzie* said...

My sister Anna saw you at Panera Bread! =)

leigh said...

I LOVE panera forever and ever too.
Although, I wish they would bring back the old chicken noodle soup. It makes me pout that it's gone.
<3 leigh

Richard Chowning said...

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