Wednesday, March 16, 2011

nothing good comes easy.

today has been one of those bittersweet good days.
does anyone know what i'm talking about?
the sky was blue for so long... but when afternoon hit, clouds came with it.
and when night came, conversations of the hard kind. one of those clarifying, heart-wrenching, need-to-understand something in this mess of life right now kind of conversations. {life just has to have those conversations, and sometimes when they come along once in a while, it jumps on you like a wild animal or something. hurts for a while. quite a while. then, suddenly, you realize you're both better and stronger and more caring for it.}
who with?
one of my beloved sisters, anna.
in the dark, with streetlights reminiscent of narnia lighting the way of sometimes-wet sidewalks.
melting snow.
cloudy night sky.
only the moon shining through.
15 minutes later, distracted:
. . . there's nothing like searching for a 16gb usb drive all over amazon for the right price to drive the writing inspiration right out of you.

but at least this was my morning.

and i read this, while looking up mercy on awesome site by the way. in your great mercies did not forsake them in the wilderness. . . [nehemiah 9:19] 
the steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end... [lamentations 3:22]

and i so needed it.
. . . it's 11:05pm, i'm deciding on a usb drive to back up pictures in, and place in a tightly zip-locked baggie (because heaven knows that i treasure a few material things, which definitely include pictures, precious memories, ha) . . . and i'm going to sleep soon, with this song in my head, in my heart.


chambanachik said...

I think I had the exact day. There's some comfort in that somehow, to not be the only one. Beautiful song. Beautiful-sounding walk.

charla beth said...

this is a beautifully written post. i love the imagery when you talked about your walk. it sounds like that talk was much needed and those are the best kind.

the trees outside the window in your picture look so inviting.

i hope you have a wonderful day today, dear.