Thursday, March 17, 2011

artistic endeavors: john keats.

i love john keats.
i mean, some of his poetry is downright morbid. but still.
there are some great quotes to focus on.
like this one. le sigh.

watercolor? my. goodness.
in november i got on a watercolor kick. isn't that fun--the next few canvas posts shall be watercolor.
there's just something about it.
ah, little sisters... :)

now, at 10:30pm...
random news: if you've never seen your older brother say in a british accent "lol" or start singing random words he's reading at the moment plus a bunch of other nonsense, .... [good thing he never reads my blog. heh;]
you've never lived until now.
well, part of it is because the past two weeks he's had several days in a row of waking up at 4....and who, besides whose who commute or are farmers, wake up at such an ungodly hour?
if that's you, consider me giving you a sitting-down ovation, because my legs feel like jello from 2 miles of fast walking last night, and another 1 1/2 tonight.

if you'd like to click on this and check out the photography blog i put together today... :)
my sister, anna, and i decided to offer family photography sessions for a sweet little deal at the family conference we host at a nearby retreat center every year. which is coming up next weekend, holy cow.
random facts number 2 and 3: i totally slept in today, but tomorrow i plan to make that right.
for the moment, i'm addicted to baby carrots. i know a few people who can't stand baby carrots, i have no idea why, but when you're thirsty and a bit hungry at the same time, nothing is better than a huge mug of h20 and a baggie of baby carrots at your side at 10:44pm.
what can i say?
today i played the piano for the first time in a long time.
and i remembered most of the basics of reading music. (yay!!!!!)
years ago, when i was around 5-14ish, we were super blessed to have mom teaching me and the other siblings piano. when we were super little, she taught a couple older kids/friends piano, too.
either you got it and slightly liked it, or you hated it.
and basically, i'm the only one who got it. and i really enjoyed it today. but sitting down to touch those ivory-colored keys (i don't think they're real, haha) at age 20 is a far cry from being 12 and having someone prodding you, reminding you to finish up at least a half an hour of practice.
i didn't take many pictures today. rather, i realized i have grown used to the taste of starbucks super-dark-and-smoky french roast; i played fail us not on my acoustic guitar about 4 times; created the photography blog and watermarked tons of pictures... it goes on.

not to wax to-do-list on you all (as if i haven't before;)...but tomorrow?
i get to do a chapter of a liz curtis higgs' women's bible study, clean the kitchen all day, clean the house, and make stuffed shells for dinner. a normal pan: ricotta and cheese, and a not-so-normal kind: chicken, spinach and cheese.

and this is the latest color. red-brown, lighter than before.
next month i might be back to more natural color... something closer to this:
press pause on my blog music, and press play on this. i forgot how much i adore this song.
goodnight, i've got a full day ahead.


charla beth said...

your posts always make me happy :)

that painting took my breath away. and i loooove your photography blog.

how awesome that you decided to play piano again! it's such a beautiful instrument.

and p.s. i'm with you. baby carrots are delish ;)

{Amy} said...

i love that painting Beka, one of my favorites! and i love your hair color, it always looks cute no matter what you do though! : )

chambanachik said...

Pretty painting!

I love stuffed shells. LOVE. I requested my mom make it on my birthday every year.

jessicajane said...

Funny you mention you have been digging watercolor lately, so have I. I have always been an acrylic type of gal, and am painting with acrylic right now,. but so badly want to get into some watercolor. Hope you have a great weekend!