Monday, March 7, 2011

this is when you know that life is awesome.

it's 9:59pm
and i'm eating half of a huge cinnamon roll with peanuts nestled in the cinnamon-sugar instead of pecans.
methinks there's nearly enough butter in these to sink a small battleship.
but let's not think on that;)
i enjoyed a few mugs of a wonderful french roast coffee by caribou, over the course of today.
i made focaccia bread and cinnamon rolls from one big batch of never-fails-me bread dough for my family's dinner/dessert.
sometime in the next couple days, come rain or sunshine, i'm going to put some makeup on and find a quiet solitudish time and record that vlog i told you all about. and yes. i just made up that word, solitudish.
Be of love a little more careful than of anything.[e. e. cummings]
. . . hmm. i'm thinking i like that quote. i'm thinking i like e.e. cummings. i'm thinking...i need to paint one of his quotes on a canvas. ideas???
anna has been gone since 3:30ish at a friend's house, starting an 8-week course of birth stuff for doula certification. exciting! so, i've been the eldest sister while she's gone. we've survived quite nicely. *laugh*
and today i was painting. just before sunset, when the lights could still be off and the natural light was yet enough. really wish i could give you the whole of the 2-3 paintings i've done lately, but i'm a surprise lover, so maybe i'll get down and dirty with posting.
heck, maybe i should make the next week of posts all featuring canvases! yeah...that'll be sure to cute my problem..... ya think?? ;)
so. looking forward to it, are ya? hmm. me too. ha.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing than to teach ten thousand stars how not to dance.
[e. e. cummings]


danielle @ take heart said...

i wanna see lots'o canvases!!

chambanachik said...

If you paint an e. e. cummings quote, I want it hanging in my house.


Consider The Lilies said...

I wasn't following you until now..what the heck? I'm lame! I love your posts b/c they always have sweet coffee pics in them :D