Saturday, March 12, 2011


the word 'stuff' in the title equals a long sentence:
me+pencil=little sisters in awe. ahem.
here it is, and please...i haven't drawn in so long. haven't been obsessive about it in more than a few years.
click so you can see it bigger...
i used to draw all the time in my early teen years, with pencils, pens, screw-up crayons of all colors. that was before the coffee-writing-photography-food obsession, so yeah . . . you can see how things switch up in the seasons of life. you know just one more of the how-many talents i got to discover and learn more about when i was younger and in home-school. :) i'll not mention the hours i used to spend crocheting and knitting and creating crochet patterns of my own--and not simple ones at that. i was around 10-13 when i was into that. lots of people at church with babies on the way got little hats made by my learning hands and approval-seeking heart.

ah, and this afternoon anna and i went to meet a friend at panera bread...

anna got an orange scone and a gorgeous mug of chai tea latte.
sorry. the colors and everything in this picture just makes me feel all happy and calm.
...i got a large coffee. it was filled 3 times, in the conversation plus the supply for going home.
something pretty darn exciting and new to me: mrs. s at the adventures of mr. superman and mrs. s. . . . (tongue twister, yes?? ;) emailed me asking me if i'd like to guest post for her.
oh. my.
heck yeah!
i've loved her blog for a while....all the sweet and-or amusing posts and their adorableness. who wouldn't like their blog. hehe:)
so, tomorrow sometime maybe i'm hoping to work on writing that post, since she gave me a few q's to work with --just reading them in the email my mind started spinning. :)
...i'm ready to dye my growing-out a few days. a bit lighter, methinks. spring is almost here. almost.
well, this is a short post because of the time change. it's 10:30pm right now, because we change ours around dinner time. and i'm going to bed --er, reading this ww2 book in bed-- earlier than normal. yay, huh? yes!
i shall write about the exciting friday night i had.....the wonderful awesome reason why i didn't blog yesterday;).......
i promise.


Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE orange scones. And chai or coffee with friends. How lovely!!!

charla beth said...

mmm, that chai looks delicious!

& how exciting that you get to guest post!

p.s. you look really pretty in that picture :)

Anonymous said...

Wanna know something silly I learned from my Indian professor? Turns out Chai means when we say Chai tea, we're really saying tea tea. Like when people say ATM machine, their really staying automated teller machine machine.

I will never call it chai tea ever again. Haha.

Just thought I would share. Gotta spread the word, so we aren't all walking around sounding like fools to foreigners.