Wednesday, March 23, 2011

artistic endeavors: hope more.

this was january 19.
today, currently, it's 3:26pm as i'm writing...
winter is descending on us for one last hoorah to begin its long ending.
and, since it's another one of those drowsy sort of days, here i go to caption these a bit before brewing a good mug's worth of caffe verona.
rachel took this one:)
this was in january, right before i got really sick and had fun pulling a muscle and suffering through that. ha!
comics; paint; paint water; canvas halfway done.
i can't remember if that's henna, or if it's marker. looks like a strong henna to me.
i. don't. want. it. to. look. like. this. again!
not for another 9 months.

this is a current-time picture. yes, that one there, above. *sigh* need. that. coffee.
back to january 19. when i was smiling. and had super dark hair...
oswald chambers and a paint spattered finger? awesome. sorry, i just took the words right out of your mouth.

i did mention the super-dark hair. heh.
fact: i'm ready to go dark blonde again. in fact, if i didn't just do my hair last week or so, i'd do it tomorrow. i don't want to over-process my hair more than i'm going to though. i don't know; does it matter if i wait? does it even make a difference?!

last night i was a good girl and get in bed at 11...and couldn't fall asleep for the longest time. some good that did me. i didn't have a clock by me either, and no way was i getting out of the comfy warm bed to see what freaking o'clock it was when i finally felt like sleeping. let's just say i'm not doing that again.

the snow is still falling.

there's this lovely new follower lady --jenni: hi!-- whose blog i'm going to check out inbetween writing this... 
listening to this, because i like how catchy it is. and his voice.
and after reading this, let's all crave a yummy turkey sandwich...oh man.
yeah, i love this quote from c.s. lewis.
goodnight, all:) cooking, cleaning and music tomorrow. lots of it. there's a whole list devoted to the stuff that i need to do tomorrow, and i'm commited to not looking at it until tomorrow after i shower. i'd like to be relaxed and carefree until then, thankyouverymuch. in fact, i might postpone it until after i've read oswald or the bible and my coffee . . . the first cup, i mean. ;)
justice, as said before, includes [the keeping of promises]. if love is the whole thing, then the promise can add nothing; and if it adds nothing, then it should not be made. and of course the promise...commits me to being [true] even if i cease to be in love.
[c.s. lewis]


LeAnna said...

Love the canvas!

charla beth said...

i love the way you wrote this blog.

that falling snow looks wistful and romantic. even still, i hope spring will come your way soon!

hope you have a lovely thursday, my dear.

Kirsty said...

Don't you just love lists? They make you able to relax and forget about your chores until later! :D