Saturday, March 5, 2011

hmmmm. ideas. :] ...a.k.a. vlog q time!

we're going to watch the movie red, anna lyd, gram (hahaha) rach and i.
i love that movie.
anna didn't get to see it when the boys and dad and i watched it a few weeks ago. she was gone for the evening to a doula-friend's house to watch a birth documentary. fun fun!!
and yeah, i'm blogging this at 4 in the afternoon, unlike my normal 10-11 night-time postings.... whatever. someone will read this someday. hopefully soon.

last night with sarah {and eliyah} was so fun. great conversations and encouragement.
eliyah is the cutest thing ever. carrying around 2 spools of thread and her mommy's car keys. ;) and that polka-dotted shirt? man. can't they exist in my size?!
. . . 
throw 'em at me.
nice ones. good ones. interesting ones. random ones.
deep ones? heck, why not.
but just remember--i'm not a philosopher, and definitely don't as big a degree on theology as i do in coffee knowledge. ;)
once i've given this post enough time for enough people to read and comment, i'll answer them in a vlog post. yay, huh?? *laughs*
p.s. it occurred to me that i could have one of the siblings record me on a camera and upload that on youtube--coffee tips, and how i make a pot. ha. ha. ha. fun stuff. it would be ridiculous. what do you think??


chambanachik said...

1. Definitely do the coffee thing. I need all the help I can get.
2. My questions:
a- If you could pick any name for yourself, what would you pick?
b- Top 3 favorite books? Movies?
c- Why did you start blogging? What are your favorite things about it?
d- When did you start to have your huge love for coffee? :)
So excited!

Kelsey said...

This is what I want to know.

You are obviously what they call "wise beyond your years" and have so many interests that I doubt your peers have.

Do you have a hard time making friends and/or relating to people your own age?

This is a compliment, lol... really! I was much the same way as you but it gave me a weird sense of superiority for a while which you certainly don't seem to have!

Now I am afraid you will take this wrong lol