Friday, March 18, 2011

artistic endeavors: mumford love. sigh no more.

even though i was up till 12:30-1ish last night, i woke up around 7:08am and got to see this:
what a way to start it all, huh?
that's what i was thinking.
of course, while i had the kitchen cleaned up/organized while anna got ready for nannying next door, and after i got my shower, i sat down with freshly brewed coffee and looked out the window to a pale overcast. ah well.
yeah, reading the 40 page first chapter and then working on the 8 questions over the span of 20 pages in the workbook, i was still writing and thinking and writing even when heather and steph (and michaela) came this afternoon at 5pm, sat down at the table drinking starbucks verona coffee, laughing and talking about different life drama going on lately.
if you can read that, kudos to you.
(it's anna's handwriting, making sure i didn't forget the stuff to do today...what a list, huh? cleaning!)
confession: i had about 5 or 6 cups of coffee today. a good 3 or 4 from the two times brewing french roast, and another 1 or 2 of verona while waiting for them to get here, while i thought and wrote and thought and wrote. heh. 

awesome points of today:
1. today, the owner lady at the cute, little, quirky, and busy restaurant in town called... and said that a woman walked in, and bought two of my paintings off the wall! you can't imagine how excited i was. my last (and first, for that shop) painting sold in late december. imagine excitement, huge smiles, plus 3 or so cups of coffee in me.
uh. yeah. excited:) hyped up. psyched. that was me:)
2. mrs. s emailed me, and my guest post on her blog is set for april 3!
3. i finished the first day of this bible study by liz curtis higgs that anna, heath, steph and i have started. (just. kidding. i thought it'd be funny to add it to the list;)
4. making stuffed shells. i think i'm in love. this is only the second time i've made them for the fam, but this time i made double because friends came over:) just thinking of the variations that could be, you could live off the stuff. easily. it would be amazing. but i would miss lentils, curries, and all the other stuff we've made. like that cuban bean soup. mmmmm. i'm not sure i've even posted that recipe yet? it's worth making again --and soon. i need to do something about that.
sometimes it's quite apparent i love food.
*nods head. agrees with self*
I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.
[Walt Whitman]
this was november 22 2010...
another watercolor:)
i am so in love with this one and the other mumford canvas i did.
yes, music from my laptop . . .of course it was the song. pretty sure it was, yes. great song-by the way!

not to mention: a great band, all around. 
i really need to get the watercolors out.
the ones i used were just some normal prang ones, and i mixed blues and greens to make lovely shades.
my only wish is that it was daytime when i did this--then the pictures would be sun-filled, not just indoor-light-orangey-toned. oh well. the watercolors are still watercolors. :)


Brooke T. said...

Hey Beka!
Sounds like a lovely day you had. Thanks for the lil tidbits on your life and thots. I miss you so much! I had a sweet talk with Anna just before your company came over...hmmm can only guess at the drama of life you were discussing. :) hehetehe! Keep up the good work. Jesus loves you. No REALLY! And so do I! I hope to see you soon....

chambanachik said...

Mumford and Son= YES.
Stuffed shells= OH YES.
Selling two paintings= woo hoo!!!

jessicajane said...

I listen to Mumford and Sons album yesterday! :) I love it. I realllllly want to go see them LIVE!

And congrats on your sale! That is awesome!! :)

charla beth said...

-gorgeous sunrise.

-love that apple picture :)

-the picture of those shells-in-the-making made me quite hungry!

lovely, lovely day <3