Tuesday, March 22, 2011

artistic endeavors: marry me.

i had to re-do this one, but loved the effect it gave. :)

this was december 27 2010. . . .a wedding present for jen and her dear craig. :)

yeah, i went mostly wordless tonight because i'm planning on going to bed asap.
looking forward to tomorrow.
glad the vacuuming's done.
happy . . . even though lots of people were saying this rainy day sucked.
it was the good kind of rainy day where it wasn't busy, and there were a lot of quiet moments (and a lot of not-so quiet moments, but that's beside the point;)

i painted two birthday canvases today . . . so i've got those done, and i'm out of canvases. :(

i've been telling ben all day to make me more. :)
we watched leap year tonight.

we had waffles and strawberry or raspberry sauce for dinner.
the end.
here's a meaty quote to think on:

He is Your best servant who does not look to hear from You what he himself wills, but who wills rather to will what he hears from You.
[saint augustine]


Courtney said...

Beautiful! So very talented, Beka. Your blog is great!

charla beth said...

that painting is my absolute favorite one i've seen from you! it is so beautiful.

Chana said...

Gah! So so so beautiful! Hormones almost made me cry over it....almost:)

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

What a wonderful blog you have here... I am so happy I found you.

That piece of art at the top there is incredible... I love the quote on it too. :)

Hope you're having a nice evening!

LeAnna said...

Beautiful, I love it!