Saturday, March 19, 2011

artistic endeavors: handprint?

yeah, this is an obvious idea, but the colors i am in love with.....

and i'm just going to post both hand canvases i did that day with danny. :)
december 8 2010.
and the other one:
he loved having his hand covered in paint.
little kids do, ya know? sheesh. it's an opportunity to be messy.
yes, yes, yes!
greek yogurt wins over anything else for breakfast.
except, maybe, that coconut-milk-strawberries-raspberries sorbet thing. (i ended up making some around 5pm)
coffee all around. me, ben, dad. 

i didn't know i had so many....and then, with certain light and a good camera......they're pale, but then again--i'm pale. heh. but just wait till summer comes...i'll get more. :)
dang, is she not adorable. or what.
lyddie, in the kitchen making me this:
cheesy, mushroom omelet.
it was good.
and i shared when ben asked for a bite. :)
oswald chambers today.

found here, at, a site i found just tonight.
*happy sigh*
oh, what good interior decorating does for my soul. er....
just nevermind.
it's 10:54pm, and the picture loader is going haywire. or it's just the connection.
ah well.
that's a cue to . . . go to bed and read till 12.
yes indeed.

a little secret for you all.
this is what my firefox browser looks like.....and yep, that's my google background. good thing google isn't my homepage..... yes, that is gerard butler. sigh. :) lyd loves him too. she's a bit too alike me in a lot of ways. just a tad bit scary sometimes. hehe:)


Anonymous said...

I love that bright blue color too. And the hand print is so simple, it looks awesome!

Seizing My Day said...

Oh... I love him too... sh... don't tell my hubby! he he =)

charla beth said...

love that picture of you :) your freckles are the sweetest.

and what a sweetheart of a sister! mmm, that omelette looks and sounds delicious.

Anonymous said...

ah yes, gerard.
as a happily married woman to a deliciously sexy man, i can appreciate mr. butler's appeal.