Tuesday, March 8, 2011

artistic endeavors: red love.

it's 3:23pm. i need to brew more french roast.
and no, i didn't just type french toast.
too many facebook friends (none of you;) have mistaken that while reading my coffee statuses. oh boy.

this morning was the mom's bible study--and these little cuties came with everyone else.
doe eyes. what a sweetie. :)
me, timothy, rach, and jaxon.
anna made this amazing beef stew thing for lunch. so good.
and pasta? anytime, baby!
. . . that, my dear, is a tube of organic vanilla beans that someone gave us as a gift. oh my, yes.
they smell beautiful.
i can't wait to post the featured canvas later tonight! chronological order, web-logger dears. oldest first. ;)
it's 3:58, my whole post is written because i got carried away, and now i'm finally off to brew that french roast. and take the muffins out of the oven. hahahahhaha.

it's red.
not pink, as it may appear to some. 
golly. this was october 7 2010. see how behind on posting i am?! how freaking wrong. :\
look at that green background. the tomato plants outside the back door that never really were much good, as far as i can remember.
.....and oh my, my....
long hair, blonde hair, old camera, fading red highlight, autumn outside...
that was a fun, tedious job of going around the pencil outline, let me tell ya.
but worth it, i think. :)
love this next one:
amazing, yes?

well. tonight i made creamy broccoli soup. 
and since i didn't feel in a dairy sort of mood, i only used a cup of whole milk in the small pot i made. there was literally a 2-cup Pyrex container of leftovers. i'm going to post the recipe sometime;) with the pictures i took.
i also made an alteration and put in a few shakes too many of cayenne pepper. um...yeah.
it wasn't that spicy, but spicy enough that people were talking about it.
"when i think creamy broccoli soup, i think...not spicy," anna said.
i sighed. and smiled. "well, you see, i'm a chef. and i'm working my way up, and heck yeah, i'm redefining broccoli soup. that's what chefs do."
"you're a weird one," dad muttered under his breath.
everyone was laughing at least a little bit, if they were paying attention to this little convo on one end of the table.
once in a while, i get punchy at the table. other days, right after 11pm is my starting time.
my next joke was about lip zippers. the ones you tell someone to zip when you want them to shut up.
maybe if i have the guts, i'll demo it on the vlog......which i'm thinking will be on thursday. ;)

a man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle.
[Benjamin Franklin]


charla beth said...

i loooove that "love" painting. it's so simple and sweet.

i also adore your long blonde hair! it's gorgeous :)

Abbie said...

Haha! I always feel so artsy and organic and coffee-shoppish when I pop in here. Thanks for that!

Cracking up over your dad's muttered response to you "redefining broccoli soup". Gotta love family =D

Megan said...

yes! vlog it up!!