Wednesday, March 30, 2011

cuts, notebooks, and lunch. the end.

it's not a very nice thing to rush a razor just to get out of the bathroom faster for someone else.
it doesn't feel too good to suddenly be filleting your shin.
so.....don't do it.
just a suggestion. don't pay any attention to anyone outside of that bathroom; lest you hurt yourself. and bleed.
perhaps i need a band-aid.....
and no. there isn't a picture of this, as there are for so many other things on my blog.
last night i started a new journal.
i haven't written in a spiral or fabric bound before.
composition notebooks have done the trick in the past, the squarish binding, sleek lines, my favorite found at Target or Staples.
last night i couldn't find any of those.
all i had was this pretty darn snazzy one.

this is my yesterday...
Brooke Fraser - Who Are We Fooling MP3 Download

i'm going to upload some photos from the lunch we had yesterday; dad, mom, anna and moi.
it's the little [but busy] place that hangs some of my canvases is closing on the 15th. :( the older ladies who run it say they're getting tired. anna and i say, we'll take it over. but we don't know them that well at all, so that's not an option. it's for sale.
mom and dad ♥
anna, alone. ♥
her and i made an ironic joke about how i took the pictures. heh. we also critiqued that place up and down and dreamed ourselves up a wall. the food is great, but the ventilation system is old or nonexistent; you smell fried something when you walk in. and the color scheme could be more subtle and vibrant at the same time.
this place is cute. and very quirky. ^^ toasting with water like anyone else on planet earth would do... ;)
eclectic is the definition. ^^my canvases...the 5 on the right.
see? this is where dreaming and scheming comes in. now i just need my rich uncle to fund me for no obligation or debt.
this place needs to be primed. high gloss white something on the trim everywhere.
this place needs wood floors; if you stripped up that icky carpet, you'd find some original stuff. sand and refinish.
put in a good ventilation system and poke a hole in the outer wall for a window to shine in the open kitchen...
it all could go someplace really good from there. :)
as i said, the food is great. this is their sea chowder. mmmm. the only sad thing was, i was the only one who didn't get a shrimp at the bottom of the hot, creamy goodness.
i got their house salad when i ordered the chicken parmesan.
there was a pleasant waiting time inbetween all the food shifts.
i was surprised by the ingredients of the salad, but loved it. garbanzo beans, dried sweetened cranberries, sunflower seeds, cucumbers, and a bunch of different greens.
i'm starting to feel bad about smashing this restaurant stuff on the end of . . . well, the stuff about today.
i should post the only-restaurant stuff as a post named how to re-do a restaurant in your mind but still enjoy the place. ;)
. . . in my mind, you know something isn't quite right when the wall matches the color of your arm....and you're considered nearly albino in your family. ;)
the roll with butter, was good. the lettuce, i did not eat. the peppers and onions in the surprisingly flavorful tomato sauce over the penne = so delicious. the chicken, tender and sliceable to a fork? mmm wonderful.
mismatched mugs and glasses.
this summer i'm really going to have to try shooting this one coffee shop up north...oh boy, i love that place. needs a bit more in the way of interior decor, it's rather plain, but still beautiful either way.
well, i'm going to end this loooong post with some shots i took of lyd and me, when we walked earlier in this gorgeous day...
please note that we did not give each other any clue as to what face we did for the camera. heh. :)
the joy of sisters.


charla beth said...

aww, how sad that that place is closing. we all need our own special little spots and it sounds like that's one of yours.

i loooove your painting in the top right-hand corner: the little blue cup with the white background. it's sooo cute.

by the way, your family is darling :) and you look so pretty in all of those pictures!

Love Unawakened said...

Your life looks so cool!! I love all of the pics! :) Awesome blog!!

chambanachik said...

Sad that it's closing. :(
But pretty journal!

Natalie said...

Oh man, slicing your self while shaving is sooooo painful! And I have a bad habit of doing it every so often :( Love the new notebook! There's just something so exciting about getting a new one =D

P.S. You've got me craving a hot, buttery roll now >:(

Anonymous said...

Your canvases look awesome hanging up like that.. so legit =)
Also, love the arm/wall paint comparison.