Wednesday, March 9, 2011

artistic endeavors: pink and purple sunrise. has been good.
it started out more tired than i would've imagined.
late night, broken sleep and 8:30am coming way too fast.
tomorrow and friday i get to wake up at 7. i'm psyched, if just for the chance that the sky might be clear and i might be able to see something like this . . .
an acrylic with lots of blending agent mixed in... leaning toward a strong watercolor look.
that's my observation anyhow. ;)
anyhow. tomorrow. yes
the sunrise will be a high-point, but also the coffee. {...and why 7am tomorrow and friday? because i get to watch sam and reese. written about in this label: children. ♥ }
you know me.
i get to talk about my passion for it (ahem) on my vlog. soon. coming soon. i'll see if i can borrow a sibling's itouch, since that'll do a good high definition (er, better than my webcam, i think!).
as long as i don't think about it took much and overanalyze, i won't chase away the inspiration.
that's how it works for me. weird, huh?
this was back in mid october--hanging 4 canvases in a small restaurant in town... since then, one has sold. but even though they're not going like hot cakes or anything, it was still so exciting.
again with the long-time-ago reminiscing. (even though this was only 5 months ago...wait. that is quite a while.) super long blonde hair. wow. in a couple months, i'll be back to that....
the painting was done on october 16.....yes, my dears, we are catching up. ;)
. . . i have a thing for skies. they're endless and beautiful and always-there reminders. . . and i believe i've talked about them before.

to be random and all, i just read a short story by skylar (check the peoples link;) . . .
i loved this part:

I remember when ...we stayed up all night under the stars. You took my hand in yours and told me that the stars were the only ones who could promise forever. I knew that was I lie, because I knew right then that forever was all I had to offer you.
[finger-painted agony; skylar cherie]

it's 11:22, how did it get that late?!
i really wanted to tell you the story of the mac-n-cheese lentils [amazing yumminess and easy!!] that i made tonight for dinner, but maybe i'll remember to mention it on the vlog. who. knows.
for now i'll just say adieu, to you and you and you. yes, like on the sound of music. i love that one.


Mrs. Miscellanea said...

Is *is* exciting to have your art on display somewhere, Beka. How cool that a painting sold, keep doing what you've been doing, I love seeing your work :)

charla beth said...

wow, those 4 canvases are yours?? i'm a little blind, so i can't read them, but i can at least see the designs and they're fantastic. look at you, all famous, hanging up your stuff ;) do you have a store in which to purchase such items?? i might have to be one of your customers!

oh and that little piece from skylar? breath-taking. i would love to read the whole thing, if at all possible.

i think it's so sweet that you have a thing for skies. "always-there reminders..." i like that <3

sounds like a wonderful day you had, my dear. :)

chambanachik said...

Very pretty!

One of my favorite sky quotes (as in topic, not my husband) is by Sandra Cisneros: "You can never have too much sky . You can fall asleep and wake up drunk on sky, and sky can keep you safe when you are sad." :) Kinda sweet.

Oh Mandie said...

oh I love the colors in that painting, so pretty and just like an eveing sky! LOVE!

Chana said...

that painting might be my favorite yet!! I'm so proud of you and your sale! Thats a great acomplishment girl! I'm posting my first Vlog tomorrow!! Yeah for vlogging:)

Young Mom said...

Ooo, love your paintings! I've always loved painting, but I only let myself do it very rarely, to perfectionistic I guess. Good for you!