Monday, March 14, 2011

artistic endeavors: music and coffee? yes!

yes, we're back on the painting streak of posts again!
weird sentence? yeah. sorry. i'm not re-typing it.

saturday night i played around with modeling paste for the first time.... it's kind of rough, and i have no idea what to paint on top of the pale yellow color i painted it today.
something i found on julian smith's wife's blog the one in pink:

it made me el oh el.
my favorite ones--"call me" and the slow clapping. waving is good too. but the first two are most sarcastic, and i'm all for that. not that i bike hardly at all...i'm more for walking.
you remember on march 6, when after church dad took us grocery shopping? (we happened to be in the same car, since on sundays we take two cars, one early and one later.)
french roast, starbucks: wohle bean.
french roast, caribou: ground beans.
so, me being a somewhat coffee purist, i used the caribou first. because everyone knows you should use ground beans asap, as the quality of flavor, etc, is daily reducing. ;) not to sound like some sort of a {sarcastic but serious} nerd, but . . .
yesterday i used the last of the caribou. *sniff sniff*
and when i brewed some in the afternoon, i used the whole beans by starbucks.
let me tell you something.
in my opinion, caribou's french roast rocks my socks off.
starbucks, well....even their normal roasts are dark and sometimes smoky.
this, this is super smoky and dark.
i told dad my observations, and concluded with the fact that we're never buying starbucks french roast ever again. ;) but i'll drink it. and so will dad, ben, and sometimes caleb.
inspired by this guy's work...
but with a definite personal twist this time around.
a type of behind-the-scenes shot. haha.
this is a pretty huge canvas, if you can see the 8-or-10 inch square canvas in the upper center that i was copying.
i printed off some sheet music lookin' stuff.

yes, i snapped this right next to the brother's honda dirt bike.
. . . .
don't mind the popcorn box that we got for a family christmas gift from someone random. heh.
i borrowed one of lyd's headbands. and i'm ready to dye again soon. :)

my list for today.
i can't wait for dinner: pasta shells with ricotta and parmesan cheese, with pasta sauce and more cheese over that.
and perhaps....this hallmark movie: front of the class (one that i don't mock;) tonight. who knows.


Consider The Lilies said...

such a pretty painting girl!! love it.

Christina said...

I love that painting!

the girl said...

awesome canvas! I love it!