Thursday, March 31, 2011

this could be all. about. salad.

not that i've had varieties up the yin-yang, but still.

we got this dressing the other night, and it's amazing with feta on whatever lettuce we bought this week.
just fabulous. yes.

at least i've got a ton of other posts of food devoted to starting with butter. ;) healthy is good.

currently, it's 11:34pm.
i prepped this post and a few other earlier....
and i. am. tired. i woke around 7:40...and it was a busy day, making two meals (double batch of broccoli quiche) at lunch time and sitting with a sick little sammi while anna met a friend at the library with reese... watching a baby story or two where the people had no clue how life with babies rolls, and a what-not-to-wear episode and a scene or two from say yes to the dress.
then a meeting tonight at a women's conference our church hosts. yay for getting dressed up and made-up. *yawn*
i'll be seeing the sky at around 7 tomorrow, waking up fully to coffee, Jesus, and all that jazz, so goodnight.

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