Friday, March 25, 2011

peanut butter jelly bars. yes. :]

yeah, i'm starting out with a shot from last night's canvas post.
because i like it.
yeah...awful light. sorry.
evening time+men of the family gone to a conference hosted by our church+girl time!+chinese take-out because nothing was planned+anna's brilliant idea to put me to work on a recipe she found earlier that day;)=yumminess that you can hardly eat any of because doesn't everyone OD on chinese take-out? ;)
mmmm. basically a toffee bar/sugar cookie type of thing for the crust.
:) brown sugar? what's better than that? tell me!
mix it up, baby.
there's peanut butter in there.
and i suppose i should find the actual recipe so you can make this simple goodness...
this is before baking.
let me tell you, half of the family was addicted to it. i wasn't, because i must've OD'd on chinese a bit too much, or else i was going for moderation.
it's a good thing to try to practice. ;)
[currently: sitting around an indoor fireplace at a conference center with the siblings...waiting to meet with heather, steph, and a friend:) small cup #2 of douwe egbert's coffee because i'm not brewing starbucks at this time of night. heh. beautiful night.]

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