Wednesday, March 2, 2011

wordless wednesday: coffee cake. sorry. ;)

once in an orange-and-pink striped moon, i wake up and look not completely zombie-ish.i didn't wash my mascara and eye shimmer off. ;)
panera bread's coffee cake that the lady gave me a piece of last night.

my breakfast.
the end.
{hey, it only happens once in a blue moon!!!}
p.s. anyone want to see a low-intensity ocd's fridge? organized, etc....yeah....i did it. ;)


CCH said...

oh great, the day i stumble on your blog i havent eaten breakfast!! ahh looks so good!

Anonymous said...

why why WHY did you have to post those pictures? =(
You know that's pure torture to a pregnant woman right?

Chana said...

I love the cute little changes I see when I stop over every now and then. Like your new coffee buttons on the side bar. Your blog is looking so clean and crisp and fancy in the last year! You are a grown up blogger! Haha!

charla beth said...

aww you look so pretty!

mmm and that coffee cake looks delish :) panera is the best.