Sunday, March 20, 2011

artistic endeavors: isaiah 43.

*happy sigh* . . . sip of cool mango tea . . .

to be really really really honest, this is one of my absolute favorites.

it was an . . . inner-searching --but mostly inner peaceful-- sort of day.
and i was just grasping. and he gave me this; it filled my hands. it filled my heart for more than the rest of the day.

and my trying to bring the sky to my canvas is an ever-going-on journey.
i have to admit that. ;)
this was december 10 2010

this picture was taken december 9: ^^ i'm so glad all the snow is melted:) happy first day of rained all day here. that's pretty springy, isn't it? ;)
i love how the sun makes shadows behind the acrylic paint.
a voice is a human gift; it should be cherished and used, to utter fully human speech as possible. powerlessness and silence go together.
[margaret atwood]
i found this awesome blog today. er, tonight. this afternoon. after my 2-5pm nap. ahem.
selfiemagic, or . . . ahem . . . the art of making a baby.
she's gorgeous. and the quality of her photos, and the tips she has for posing, etc, are awesome. pretty interesting.
i woke up at 6:30 this morning. 
sundays i usually do 7, but today we did a song for a special at church. fail us not, by 1000 generations. it put it simply: really really well.
ever had cinnamon-nutmeg french toast? almost reminiscent of eggnog if you don't let it sit in the hot skillet long enough. what can i say? i was hungry, the coffee was brewed, and the bread happened to be straight out of the freezer but heck no way was i waiting. so it ended up a bit mushy but hot inside, thus the eggnog-y-ness. wow, that's a new word....

toss it in the egg-milk-salt-cinnamon-nutmeg mixture, then lay it in the sizzling buttered skillet.
it's....divine. :)
this morning around started raining. an hour or two later, it was pouring.
this shirt says keep calm and carry on, if you can't tell. hah. hah.
i shall only say how lovely the rain was, though the atmosphere was quite chilly . . .we won't mention that you cna barely distinguish my legs from the white socks i wore. it's my genes. i'll never be anything but.
so cold you need a hat. but i believe that spring is, in fact, setting in. after this week's forecasted flurries, that's usually the end of it for this lovely midwest state. :)
danny boy: playing in a puddle.
that huge backpack is his diaper/toy holder. heh.
i outlined 2 canvases for fun tonight . . .can't wait to paint those tomorrow maybe.
also tomorrow: i get to make a few huge batches of this bread, to braid into challahs, for a shabbat family dinner at a family conference. :)

this was last night, but the uploader wouldn't work so i didn't get around to post it. 

. . . i've never understood why people consider youth a time of freedom and joy. it's probably because they have forgotten their own.
[margaret atwood]


Seizing My Day said...

Love the canvas... =) and the coffee... and eggnogish french toast... clever!! I bet my GF bread would make that yummy french toast... and my legs are that white too... but my children are even whiter!!

Consider The Lilies said...

looks like your day was lovely :) that's a beautiful painting, i just love that verse!

Kathryn said...

LOVE the canvas!!

charla beth said...

mmm that french toast looks absolutely heavenly. i'm gonna have to try that same recipe.

and i love that picture of your reflection in the rain <3

what a lovely sunday you had.

Chana said...

I love how vivid your posts are! And I always feel like I spend the day with you:) Love your cute hat!

rain said...

this is one of my top fave posts of yours. <3 love the photo of you. this is such a precious glimpse of your life!

Brooke T. said...

AH! That has been like my favorite verse. God spoke that specifically to my heart one day while I was hangin' with Him in my fave thoughtful spot--I call it the Valley of Vision.
Any way, I want to see you soon! Thanks for sharing that! Lovely, lovely good talking to you!