Thursday, March 10, 2011

holy crap, it's a vlog. er....many vlogs.

well, i didn't know whether to embed this before or after the train wreck my vlogs are, but . . . i'll put it before.
sheesh. it won't matter in the end anyways.
. . . that is my favorite josh groban song to sing to. most of the time i just love doing the harmony, in fact. but i just flat out love the song. and a youtube vid of this song paired so heartbreakingly with one of my top favorite movies--p.s. i love you? gah!
to answer the question commented a few posts back, this will be our first time seeing him in concert live. :) i'm pretty darn excited.
now onto this vlog business.
#1...aka, zee intro:
this is me.
trying to start a vlog of answering questions.
beware: this is one of probably 6 videos. all for answering 3 people's questions. [well, technically only 5 videos uploaded to YT, since the 6th--2nd outtake--completely and totally sucked. no joke.]
hey, give me a break; i was watching 2 kids under the age of 6 while this was happening. ;)

up next, erika's:
a- if you could pick any name for yourself, what would you pick?
b- top 3 favorite books? movies?
c- why did you start blogging? what are your favorite things about it? could i be so scatter-brained? totally skipped this one. i shall formulate something for another vlog sometime!
wonderful titles, yes?
just so you all know, i'm sorry for my weirdness.
el oh el.
i'm not used to myself sometimes. sheesh. that's why this is labeled #3...2 was horrible. way more awkward (hah), and word stumblings all over the place!!

erika's last question:
d- When did you start to have your huge love for coffee? :)

"This is what I want to know.
You are obviously what they call "wise beyond your years" and have so many interests that I doubt your peers have.
Do you have a hard time making friends and/or relating to people your own age?
This is a compliment, lol... really! I was much the same way as you but it gave me a weird sense of superiority for a while which you certainly don't seem to have!
Now I am afraid you will take this wrong lol"

and megan's:
what is your dream job?
sigh of's over. :)
end point: i don't think i'm fully ready to embrace how weird i am.
or was i the only one coming to that conclusion?? i dare not hope. el. oh. el.
other end point: i am a dork. :) 

we could end it on a more normal note, yes?
well, to try for that, i'm going to tell you that rach ran to the library because things were in (including a book she'd been waiting for;) and this book was there too: 

of course, as legend would have it --er, as logic would have it, it's something anna put on hold.
surprise surprise, the main character is a midwife. ;) i totally almost laughed when i read that. i smiled. 
but anyhow....i started reading it. 
{yes, cardinal sister crossover almost-sin: reading a book that 'belongs' to the other sister, without asking persmission. we've been over this before, her and i. heh.}
and the book seems really interesting. pretty good read. i'm enjoying it so far....on page 43 already. okay, so i was skimming some of it. oh well. forgive me.

no pictures from my watching the kiddos today since i shoveled the vlogs on you. wait, that doesn't make sense. ;)
okay, okay...maybe one.
or two.
little 2 year old who slept from 12:30-3pm. little 5 year old who lounged with me. sweet times inbetween the busy-loud ones. :)


chambanachik said...

I love it!! I was actually cracking up every time you had to stop to say a word to the kiddos. :) Great answers.

chambanachik said...

P.S. You are WAY better at vlogging than I.

Christina said...

It's fun watching vlogs of the people's blogs I've been reading! You're a pretty gal. :)

Chana said...

Awwww! Look at you! You are such a mature young lady! I love these! Great job!! See, we did it! And we survived!