Sunday, March 13, 2011

artistic endeavors: it's a three in one.

i started painting this on october 26...
hmm. this one was super fun, PLUS the whole plan of these vibrant colors that remind me of this turkish coffee shop i've been to a couple times before. absolutely wonderful place. so artsy.
the simple formation and precision of this painting was awesome to try out.

here's the inspiration: ^^
yeah, everything is beautiful in october....well, compared to february. ;) besides the sky.
the sky is the more beautiful shades of blue in the winter time. on the coldest days, even more so.
that could so be taken to metaphorical levels that i could write out if only i would think them out first.
i'd probably tangle them up though. sorry.
anna looks at me with a blank stare all the time when i spurt metaphors.
a wind has blown the rain away and blown the sky away and all the leaves away, and the trees stand. i think, i too, have known autumn too long.
[e. e. cummings]
here is mine, hung on the wall. :)
i just totally had an ocd freakout moment with anna and mom here to witness it.
not that my fmaily doesn't normally witness such things, but a very interesting and prominent one just happened.
all the more reminder to write that coming-out post that anna keeps prodding me to write.
ahhh, i remember reading that book! gosh. do you see those pine trees and --the maple or whatever-it-is tree, in full leafy bloom? goodness. we're just a few weeks away from little green buds! (i hope.)
i remember it made me cry, that book. love walked in. recommended by the flower patch farmgirl. :)
well, i'm just going to hit publish on this later, inbetween writing the guest post for mrs. s.
wow. 6:53pm, and i just added to the blog header.
people always talk about how peaceful and lovely it is to visit my blog and how wonderful my life is.
well, i obviously don't post the unlovely stuff very much. ahem. who wants to read that all the time? and who wants to write about it whenever it's happening? yes, my life is slower paced than most . . . point one, i don't have a job yet. point two, i don't know. point three, i'm ready for a change. point four, i wish there were more coffee shops in the area to apply to while i wait on the ominous starbuckos. heh. but i'm enjoying life as it is right. now. while still thinking and dreaming and keeping the future in mind. you have to learn to. it's an important skill in life. ;)
the snow is melted.
today it was mid 40's. heck. yes.
and today our church went bowling for a couple hours... fun stuff, very busy!
i'll tell you a quick scary story from today: this picture was taken with my hand holding the lens tightly to the body of my baby nikon.
yes....something happened.
it was zipped safely in its nice black case, on my lap. and when i got out of the car at our destination, it tumbled from my lap and landed on the pavement. i stared at it. did that seriously just happen?! omg.omg.omg.
but i trusted that case and its cushion, and it didn't fall that fast or hard.
so i go in and take it out to snap some pictures.
the lens is tilted and not completely attached.
why the freaking heck did this have to happen?
oh yeah. scatterbrained moment can be blamed.
so....ben examined it with gentle hands and a careful eye...and told me what was wrong.
there are 3 thread-like things on the lens. --take for example a screw on cover, ya know?-- well, those threads help you screw it on to the body. anyhow. two out of three of those threads were busted off. totally.
cue a huge heaving sigh.
depressed face and thoughts for the next hour.
so later when we came home, we talked about it, called the store where i bought my camera, etc. the fixing of it would be between $80-120. holy. crap. i'm still paying off the last little bit of my camera; just paid the $100 for the josh groban ticket with the nannying money! sheesh!
then we all had a brain spark. or someone did.
heck. yes.
thank you, Lord, for ebay.
there are a few refurbished, wonderful-looking lenses exactly what i need, for under $50 selling soon....*deep breath* i'm praying one of them will work out. :) and a set of 4 macro filters for $10, free shipping? i don't know...sounds kind of good to me. :)
. . . so i have hope.
great hope.
and i'm out of freak-out mode for now. :)
find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him.
[Psalm 62:5]


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

The colors are beautiful!!

Seizing My Day said...

I love love the coffee painting... I have been playing with paint more lately... I might have to try that!! =) sorry about your nikon... I dropped a $250 nikon last year... cracked the view screen... I did the shoot without a picture for 9 months before we could afford to replace it... now I have a smaller snap and shoot for the same price... what kills me... is I couldda had a nice camera for the money I spent on the two snap and shots inthe last 12 months... UGH!! =)

Lucy The Valiant said...

I love the coffee painting! And yes, your blog is always very restful to read, and I LOVE it!

charla beth said...

aww, i looooove that painting you did, it's fantastic!

good luck on fixing your camera. i hope everything will work out so it will be good as new again. <3

chambanachik said...

Sorry about your lens! :/ Hope the Ebay thing works out. Pretty painting and I love the new header!

Christina said...

I'm sorry about the camera!! But yay for ebay!! :) :)

That painting came out really good!